My name is Beatrice Caisson I come from Tahiti French Polynesia
I have been living here for more than 10 years now
I brought tahitian dance and culture to Singapore by opening my own dance school. Actually since 2009, we’ve been organising
Charity Events. This year, I’d like to invite you all, to
come spend a great time with your Family, Kids and Friends at the Wellness Sanctuary. It’s a wellness fair that contributes to
Red Cross Singapore and that supports local entrepreneurs who are offering ethical, sustainable,
natural products and services. With the pollution and all the chemicals in
our daily lives, it’s now more than ever time to support people who want to do good
for the planet. There will be food, drinks, good vibes, fun
activities, Goodie bags, Discounts Coupons & Gifts for everyone too:) So come Join me and all of us. Spend a Great time and support a great cause.