When I was growing up, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. My body was so dysfunctional that it was destroying itself. I was taken to many specialist and given many experimental treatments. I can remember the doctor’s words vividly: “It was caused by stress and we don’t know anything else we can do to help.” They knew that stress was the cause but didn’t know how to connect me with what stress was or how to address it. I can remember feeling helpless and a victim of my situation. I went to chiropractic school still not truly understanding the transformation that laid before me. In school, I learned these truths that have shaped my life: First – the body is self healing and self regulating. Second – the nervous system is the master control system of the body. Third – physical, chemical, and emotional stresses create disturbance in the nervous system. And fourth, these disturbances lead to dysfunction of the body. I began to understand why my body wasn’t functioning properly. By changing my lifestyle and getting adjusted, I finally saw the challenges that had haunted me throughout my childhood resolve. I knew that if people would start looking at the cause and take ownership of their health versus just covering up the symptoms, we could change the culture of health care. The body is programmed to be perfect. It doesn’t make mistakes. The only reason you aren’t reaching optimal health is the poor lifestyle choices you make. Wellness Revolution is the collection of all the understanding and truths I have learned and we are continually evolving. We strive to teach people how to eat, move, and think the way we were designed to. Doing this unleashes the most amazing power. It takes us from victims of our situation, as I was when I was a kid, and empowers us with the knowledge that the power to heal is inside of us. We are born with it and by being proactive, we can change our reality. Wellness Revolution is an amazing facility with an amazing staff focused on tapping into that potential. My dream for Wellness Revolution is to ignite a change that creates a revolution within our community. A revolution where we learn to trust our innate intelligence inside of ourselves. In doing this, we take back our wellness and create a ripple effect for future generations.