(laid-back music) – Hi everybody, we’re very exited here at Budwig Center to tell you about our new wellness programs
we’re now going to offer. Many people had heard about
Budwig diet and protocol as something that a
cancer patient would try. So you might wonder why
would I come to Budwig Center if I don’t have cancer? In a word, the answer is prevention. Natural treatments and natural therapies are actually more efficient
when used for prevention. And the reason we came up with this, the way the programs are put together, it happened because a lot of
companions and care givers that were coming to the
clinic with a cancer patient would see the type of tests and treatments that these patients were getting and decided, maybe I’ll
try this one or that one. And so they signed up
for different treatments. And they noticed how good they felt. It gave them more energy
to be better care givers, and they were also changing their diet along with the cancer patient and felt that their health
problems were getting better and even being solved. And so there’s really nothing better, there’s no substitute to
feeling strong and healthy. Many people are becoming concerned with making nutritious meals, and just incorporating
healthy habits in their lives. So we thought we’d make programs that would be more specific
for people’s needs. (gentle music) So the first wellness program
I want to tell you about is called Emotional Wellness. This is a program we’ve put together for patients that maybe have
gone through some trauma, maybe stressful situations,
things that have been prolonged, they’ve been enduring for a long time, and now they’re looking for relief and even help with perception reframing. And so we have a lot of treatments that we can offer them. In just one week’s time that
would make a huge difference and will give them tools to take back home to continue applying. The next program I want to tell you about is called Wellness Detox Program. So maybe you haven’t been
paying enough attention to your health. You’ve been eating whatever you want. You’ve been feeling a bit
heavy, even mental fog, So we wanna start with detoxing. And we’re gonna apply some treatments and teach you about a
few things you can do at home as well like enemas
and healthy eating habits. And we’re gonna give you remedies that will help your body continue to detox after you leave the clinic. But you’re gonna notice the
way your energy levels rise, the way you have more mental clarity. Now, the last program I
want to tell you about, it lasts two weeks. It’s called the Post Surgery
program, Wellness program.. So we’ve put it together for patients that have already had a cancer diagnosis, but with surgery they’ve been
able to remove the tumor. They’re clean now, they’re clear. And they’re avoiding and preventing that the body produces more tumors. So what we want to do is
analyze the contributing factors to this cellular process, right? And hence the two weeks, and also we’re gonna include
follow up in this program. That’s very important. Another person that might be
interested in this program is someone who has a chronic disease and has been battling it for many years, and so they’re gonna need more time and they’re gonna need follow up, so it’s also applicable for
someone with chronic illness. So all these wellness
programs are going to begin with a medical consultation and a Vega test and GSR
scan at the very beginning because we want to become familiar with your medical history
and your physical condition, what is your current situation, so that we can give you
the most personalized and adequate and appropriate treatment. We really want to do
everything that’s in our hands that’s the best for you right now. So if you or someone you care about could benefit from these programs, get in touch with us by phone or by email. We’re here for you. (gentle music) (chiming music)