The benefits of Fusions wellness program to our employees is every year they get a free wellness screening, assess to free health coaches as well as resources. We have a happier and healthier work force. They’re more productive when they’re happy and healthier. Attendance has improved. As much as I thought I was eating right and stuff, I really wasn’t. Employees are also encouraged to share their wellness plan with their coworkers. Independently three of our members of the machine shop decided they were going to conduct their own biggest loser contest and it was inspired by the existence of the wellness program. We thought it would be great to start a small competition between me and two other guys to start a weight loss competition. They’re working in a really supportive environment where they’re encouraged to be healthy. We have people sort of recruiting inadvertently other members of the team to join them in things like running 5K’s, running mini marathons, running full marathons. The wellness program really helps our employees with prevention. And when the employees are preventing illnesses then as a result our premiums are going down. It just brings a whole new energy to the company. I’ve seen the evolution of the behavior of all the individuals in the company over the past couple of years since we implemented the wellness program. Earlier this year we actually had a theme on goal setting. And we had it from financial goals to personal health goals. The benefits to Fusion for having a wellness program is that it effects our employees from a cultural standpoint and it also effects the company from a financial standpoint. The water cooler talk is not about your favorite sports team, or about the weather, or about their favorite movie. Rather, they’re talking about what they can do to better their health and their life style.