Are you tired, fatigued? Are you dealing
with anxiety, depression, do you have digestive issues? Perhaps dealing with a few
extra pounds? If that’s the case, we want to talk to you about that. My name is
Jacqueline Shoemaker. I’m adjunct clinical faculty here at
Shenandoah University. We are very excited to tell you about a program that
we’re about to offer here at Shenandoah University. This program is going to be
amazing. It’s going to teach you about optimization, energy, stamina, performance,
well-being. Are you wanting to feel better than you’ve ever felt before?
I certainly do. So we have an exciting research-based, evidence-based medical
nutrition guided program. It’s really about healing through nutrition. So we’re
looking for participants to be a part of this pilot program. We want you to join
us for a body composition analysis and we’re going to provide those details for
you and this machine is gonna tell you what percentage is bone, muscle, water, fat, and organ, then we’re going to collect this data and information and get you
prepared for this amazing research / pilot program that we’re offering here
at the university. I always make a new year’s resolution to lose 20 pounds
during the year – two pounds a month for ten months. I get a little bit into that
program, maybe lose a little bit of weight, but never make that goal. During
the mindful morning session in January, I met Jacqueline Shoemaker, and she has put me
on a program where I have actually lost 12 pounds over the last six weeks, and my,
more importantly, my body composition fat intake is down considerably. I think
you’ll see that eating better, losing weight, feeling better, is the result of
this program and I’m a personal witness that this really does work. Would you like
to lose three to five pounds your first week or 1 to 3 pounds every week after
that? Are you looking for better digestion and energy, stamina,
optimization? Come to our informational session where we’re going to talk to you
a little bit about this research-based evidence-based nutrition plan and you’ll
be able to step on the body composition analysis machine. We want you to come and learn how to heal through nutrition.