Plant bundles are an accessible way of bringing
the spirit of the earth into one’s daily healing process. Today we are making a bundle that honors the
long history of resilience and freedom fighting that indigenous Black and Brown communities
have led and continue to lead. In front of me we have some of my favorite
plants and flowers. Here we have rosemary. Rosemary is one of my favorites because it
helps me ground and it’s a great plant for when we’re going to travel. Oregano is a very warm plant and it’s very
protective. Cosmos is a flower that connects us to our
collective visions. Yarrow protects and heals our heart while
we remain open to love and connection. Peppermint smells delicious and it opens our
third eye. Nasturtium comes in gorgeous colors of bright
reds and magentas and oranges. Bougainvillea reminds me of joy and our ability
to wake up every morning and to keep going. Lavender helps protect our dreams. Then we have sunflower and sunflower is a
beautiful plant that aids in connecting us to our leadership abilities. Lastly we have dandelion flower. And here at DPN dandelion has become a symbol
of our resiliency. Now before you start making your bundle you
need to harvest respectfully from your own garden or from a garden that you have a relationship
with. Begin by placing each plant on top of one
another. As you prepare your bundle speak your intentions
and gratitude to the plants. This bundle is intentioned to remind me of
the beauty of our ancestors and the power of our leadership in leading abolition movements. Once you feel you finish putting together
your bundle you will tie it together with a string. You can choose your favorite color string
or a color that represents your intention. I love working with plants because they teach
me to live in harmony with the earth, all her abundance, and with humankind.