Hi, my name is Britni Thomas. I am Registered and Licensed Dietitian at Nutritional Weight and Wellness and I’ve been here for about four years.
During that time help my clients reach all of their health and wellness goals. But I often see clients that tend to get really sick every single cold and flu season. Does that sound familiar to you? Or maybe you know somebody that that happens to? Well I’ve got some tips for you so you can stay healthy this season that have worked for myself and my clients. So we always want to talk about food first and eliminating or reducing the amount of processed carbohydrates or sugar will help improve your immune system. We know that eating sugar can reduce your immune system by up to 50% four hours after consuming it. So instead of those processed foods switching to eating more real foods to increase your immune system. If you’re looking for something else to give you a little boost Wellness Formula is a wonderful option. It has Vitamins A, D and C as well as some zinc in there that are all immune boosting. Then it has some antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial ingredients like garlic and different herbs So if you’re starting to get sick, we find that taking two capsules with every single meal for about a week seems to be a sufficient and some people do take more than that. If you want to try to prevent getting sick, it’s okay to just take 2 to 3 capsules of the Wellness Formula every day. So this flu cold and flu season, you’ll stay healthier. Thanks for watching You