(light music) We really wanna know if your child is reaching developmental milestones, we’re gonna be looking for things like autism, learning disabilities, so by the time that they
reach that school age, that they have all the
resources that they need to fully develop, and make sure that everything’s going on track. So it’s really our time
to just be preventative, be prophylactic, make sure
that everything is on track, for you and your kid, and that
we develop that relationship and that continuity of care that’s really important in primary care. (light music) It’s our opportunity to really
get to know you as a person, get to know what you’re interested in and what you do in your day to day life and how best we can
help you to be healthy. (light music) There is no disrobing,
there’s no physical exam. It’s really an opportunity
for the Medicare patient to be able to sit down
and have a lengthy visit with their physician and discuss all of these important factors that all play into their health care. And it’s a rare opportunity, only Medicare patients
are eligible for this and I would really encourage everyone to take advantage of it and make it part of their yearly health care experience. (light music)