the course is guided for the students to
achieve wellness and that is the mind and the body interconnectivity which is
what the course is based off of so it’s three days a week of mental and
emotional health in the classroom and then two days a week low-impact yoga
meditation hold your arms still i created the class basically based on what I
thought was a need for the students i have gotten a lot of feedback
about them needing time to you know talk about mental health to have a class
where they’re kind of dedicated to that and give them space within their day to
kind of rejuvenate but in a really you know effective way I think it’s really beneficial because I feel like a lot of people like don’t know a lot about like mental health and how to like look at it and everything and it’s kind of nice just to learn about it start to think about the best space for you to practice being present i think it is smart to do like at this age especially because a lot of kids are like stressed and they don’t know
like more into mental health than they need to like you need to learn about it
it’s important yeah I feel like we hear a lot of stuff about mental health but we don’t really learn about it so it’s good that we have a class so we can talk
about it I want every student to have a greater understanding of themselves today and to have a set of skills for their mental and emotional health for
the rest of their lives