Wellness Continuum. Again when we’re talking about the six dimensions of wellness and you can see them here intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental and what we’re looking at basically is what they call a continuum where we have two ends of the spectrum. Now you can see on one end we have low level of wellness and on the very opposite side we have very high level of wellness and when we take a look at all six dimensions of wellness we can see that they’re all intertwined and they can move from one end to the other. Now here’s that word again that I mentioned before that I really like ‘vital’. If we have a very high level of wellness in our lives we are living a life that is very vital and very meaningful. We are doing well in terms of all the dimensions of wellness and remember when we think about wellness we want it to be a matter of balance. It’s not a good idea to put all of your concentration in your physical dimensions of wellness and that means you’re forgetting your emotional your social and we met people who have done that over the years. Sometimes with university or college students they can to put too much emphasis on social wellness and that ends up hurting them in the short term and long term but if you think about somebody who is sliding to the left side of the screen in terms of the malaise with a low level of wellness very often this side is equated with death and on a daily basis we don’t want to be over here. We want to be probably somewhere from the middle to the high level of wellness and on any day we can move back and forth. But the goal should always be trying to work towards the right side being the high level of wellness.