[MUSIC] College can be one of the most
exciting times of your life. It is full of new experiences,
new people, and new opportunities. College is also one of
the largest transitions that a young person will go through. And with that comes a wide
variety of challenges. Have you found yourself feeling
stressed out, worried, and overwhelmed? Many students struggle to
navigate the changes and challenges they’re faced with in college. We want you to know
that you are not alone. Here at Mercy College we care about
your emotional health and well being. Our Student Counseling Center
offers short term, one on one counseling on
all Mercy College campuses. Using a culturally sensitive framework, our counselors will work with
you to identify your goals and to develop the skills you need to cope and
to achieve success. No matter what you’re
dealing with our counselors are here to support you through
this exciting and challenging time. Our counselors are also
trained to assess and treat more serious mental health concerns
and provide referrals when necessary. And did you know that we also offer
a variety of wellness activities? All of our services are free,
confidential, and designed to help you cope,
relax and feel better. At Mercy, we understand that your
wellness can be many things. And we’re here to address
it on every level. Because we don’t want you to just
survive your time here at Mercy. We want you to thrive. [MUSIC]