Well I saw it on Facebook and I was like
you know what I don’t have health insurance let me go down here and get
myself checked out. Beverly Hoover didn’t know what to
expect thank you when she walked into the Wellness and stress clinic of
Memphis. I’ve never heard of it.The clinic is open most Monday nights
through a partnership between the Healing Word Counseling Center and the
Tennessee Department of Human Services. We have a lot of depression. To be a
one-stop shop. Community that has a lot of poverty. For families. We have a lot of
diabetes. Facing a variety of problems. We have a lot of things that people are not
able to get treatment for that are simple but yet they can’t afford them. Hello how are you doing today? Beverly’s visit began with an
emotional fitness evaluation with a counselor who’s here to connect her with
assistance. Thank you so much. Beverly also met with legal representation.
How you doing? Who can help with issues like unpaid parking tickets and utility bills.
How are you? And social workers who can connect her to programs.The clinic
additionally offers exercise classes and free medical check-ups. How are you? That’s no small thing for Beverly as she doesn’t have health coverage to pay
for a visit to a doctor. Really like you know hey we want to help you get this
blood pressure down and you know we’re gonna get you to help you need.
Beverly is leaving here with a prescription for her blood pressure and
help with other problems she’s facing. The people here are really nice very concerned. That concern extends to visitors of all
ages too so Beverly’s children could also receive help here. If we’re not
helping the whole family somebody falls through the cracks. It’s all part of a
two generation approach to helping entire families with little things that add
up to something big. When we deal with the whole family we’re able to catch
things and then if the mother has a sick child then that affects what she can do
with her life and how she moves along in life. How can we help you today? We’re
helping everybody. I know that I’m leaving here with the potential to be healthier. It makes me me feel good. It makes me feel real
good that somebody actually cares.