[Music throughout] Georgia Gwinnett College Welcomes you to the GGC Wellness & Recreation Center
[Two men entering the Wellness & Recreation Center] Where you must have your claw card to enjoy The Weight Room [Students working out in the Wellness & Recreation Center] [Doing bench press, butterflies, sit-ups, curling, using machines and treadmills] The Basketball Court [Groups of Students playing pickup basketball in the indoor court] The Walking Paths [Students walking on the second floor path above and around the basketball court] Fitness Classes [Students using exercise balls, punching bags and taking instruction] Wiffleball [Students playing wiffleball on the basketball court] Raquetball [Students playing raquetball in the raquetball court] Table Tennis [Student and Faculty playing table tennis in the raquetball court] Volleyball [Students playing indoor volleyball on the basketball court] Outdoor Activities [Scuba-divers in the ocean observing fish and waving at the camera] Thank You for Watching Want to Join in on the Fun?
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