Are you a student veteran on
campus looking for ways to relax or
find more energy well. If you are, stick
around [Music] Hi, everybody, I’m Jason
Franklin coordinator with the Combat to
College program here at MC and I want to
tell you about some of our wellness activities provided as part of
what we do we strive to provide a
variety of opportunities on campus
throughout the semester so hopefully there is
something that will interest you first I
want to talk about our weekly yoga
sessions yoga has become popularized across
the country for its tremendous
benefits when most people think of yoga they
think of difficult poses that require a
lot of flexibility and to make you
sweat well there can be some of that there
are many different aspects to in types of
yoga that can provide a variety of
benefits the DoD and VA both have
recognized the practice of yoga can provide
troops and veterans with a way to naturally
reduce pain and recharge your batteries
what we focus on in our program is
relaxation rejuvenation and mental clarity
to help you sustain throughout the
semester and maybe work out some of those
muscle kinks that can happen from
sitting for long periods the practice
typically includes gentle movement that
can be adapted to each person’s ability
special breathing techniques and a short meditation to finish the class
we find this is a great way to improve
blood flow and oxygen delivery
throughout the body which can produce a number
of positive physical and mental
benefits if you don’t feel yoga or
structured group classes is for you we also
provide special designated gym times in
the campus fitness facilities
exclusively for current student veterans and servicemembers the gym
opportunities are a great way to take a break from studying socialize with other
student veterans and get a quick workout
in without having to leave campus
we know many veterans have become
accustomed to working out and this is a good
way to promote that healthy lifestyle
as well as encourage academic success,
Not sure where to begin, no problem qualified fitness professionals
can answer questions you might have
about a specific exercise or a training
regimen for the last two years we have
provided a unique performance workshop on
campus Want to have more energy for a
sport want to feel more focused yet
calm before a chemistry test yeah, well, this workshop is
for you we teach special breathing and
mental focus techniques that can be utilized
in a variety of situations backed by scientific research this
workshop is great for increasing physical
and mental performance and a reduction in
pain and inflammation often times participants feel so
good from learning this simple
technique they’re willing to take a nice
bath and feel fantastic afterwards, acupuncture is
another integrative modality growing in popularity with the VA and DOD
for its effectiveness. We work to
collaborate with local acupuncturist to come
to campus and provide student
veterans with a chance to try it out many
people express concerns over needles
and I want to tell you they’re non-invasive
one acupuncturist described the
needles to be the thickness of a cat
whisker the needles are gently placed into
the ears on specific points associated
with relieving stress and tension who couldn’t benefit from these
things especially while in school so if
you’re interested in finding out what
the combat to college Wellness
schedule is while you’re in school contact Joanna or me by sending
us an email thanks for watching see
you on the next one [Music]