Welcome to Jinius World. No, it’s not it. Hi everyone! This is Jini from the
“Wellness in wonderland” First, I think there’s many people curious about
who I am, what this channel doing is. So this video will gonna be introduction about my channel. It’s not just my thought, is it? Because I’m the channel itself,
I think my own introduction will work as channel’s, First of all, I will introduce myself. Let me introduce the three words that describes me best. Three words, not three things? it’s -50, strange, wellness. -50 is the fact that I was over 100kg (220lbs) 2 years ago. AndI lost 50kg (110lbs) for 2 years,
I picked that word in this sense. ‘Did you lose 50kg?’,
is it little surprised? The second is ‘strange’. It’s true that you usually have a painful, hard,
depressed, negative thoughts first when you heard the word ‘diet’. I also had a diet like that. But now I’m doing happy, funny, and sustainable.
I’m doing such a that diet. This diet may be considered a bit different and strange
with the diet you’ve already known, I’m very happy now! The last is ‘Wellness’! Wellness is a combination of Wealth and happiness. If you ask what is the most important thing in
my life, well… I guess I’ll answer it’s happiness. Wellness doesn’t only mean physical happiness and health, It is a word that includes both mental and social health and happiness. As a person who attaches great importance to happiness,
‘Wellness’ is like the direction of my life. If you are curious about Jini’s life of Wellness,
who had the tough process during lost 50kg and now enjoys it, Please press ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’! Welcome to Jini’s ‘Wellness in wonderland’~