Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Exercise
Science program offers quality education at both graduate and undergraduate levels. We have a fantastic community of students
and faculty who work together in our classrooms, in our human performance labs, and through
a variety of community outreach programs. Our undergraduate students obtain quality
classroom instruction that is backed up by experience in our human performance lab, and
it leads to internship opportunities at our more than 300 currently available internship
sites across the United States. Our students get many opportunities to take
their classroom instruction and apply it to practical learning experiences. The master’s program offers unique opportunities
for students to participate in original research and obtain experience with state-of-the-art
exercise laboratory equipment. Upon completion of their degrees, students
are prepared for careers in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation; as strength and conditioning
coaches, personal trainers, and health coaches; along with pursuing graduate studies in physical
therapy, occupational therapy, as a physician’s assistant, and a variety of other allied health
professions. In addition to our track in the clinical research
area, we also offer a concentration in strength and conditioning. This concentration provides students with
hands-on opportunities with a variety of IUP as well as local athletes. Indiana University of Pennsylvania — putting
science into exercise.