– Hey there, welcome
to my YouTube channel. I am so thrilled you’re here. My name is Sara King. I am a ridiculously passionate Parkinson’s physical therapist and owner of Invigorate
Physical Therapy & Wellness here in Austin, Texas. I want you to know that
I believe in two things. Number one, is that
Parkinson’s does not define you or the life that you live. While Parkinson’s can be
incredibly frustrating and unpredictable at
times, you have the power to rewrite your story and
determine the direction of your Parkinson’s journey going forward. Number two, my role is
to be an encouraging and empowering coach along your journey and this channel is an
extension of that energy. Whether you’re days, months
or years along your journey, my intention, while you’re here, is this, to empower you with a plan of attack that clearly outlines how to move forward on a daily basis with confidence and support you along the way. So, if you’re completely
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