(jet engine revving) – [Narrator] Healthcare
is the biggest crisis America is facing right now. With costs rising astronomically, millions of Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills. For hundreds of thousands, bankruptcy is their only option. – Where are you from? – Germany. – Is this your first
time here in the States? – No, I was born here. My dad’s from the States. Mom was from Germany,
she wanted to go back, so my mom, dad, and I moved to Germany when I was 12 years old. – [Driver] Are you here on vacation? – Well, I’m visiting a cousin that I haven’t seen in 20 years. (Greg laughing) – Ah, there he is. There he is! (chuckles) So good to see you, my man. – Hey.
– There you are. – Thank you very much, I appreciate it. – All right, it’s great–
– All right, take care. – Hey!
– Look at you, man. (both laughing) – Can’t believe you’re
here in the flesh, man. (Greg laughing) How’s the flight? – It was good, it was good. How’s the family? – Oh, they’re good, everybody’s good. Jen and the girls went with her brother to see their aunt–
– OK. – She just had surgery yesterday. – OK, is she all right? – Yeah, yeah, surgery’s successful, so. – Nice, nice, that’s great.
– Yeah, mm-hmm. Sorry I couldn’t pick you up
from the airport, by the way. – Ah, it’s no problem. I know you’re having car trouble. – Thanks for understanding. – Hey, you OK? – Oh, hey. I didn’t know you were there. Thought I was the only one up. – What are you doing? – It’s late, I don’t wanna
bother you with this stuff. – We’re family, you’re not bothering me. What’s going on? – It’s these medical bills. I don’t know how I’m gonna pay ’em. Briana broke her arm and Jen
had an intestinal infection, so now these bills are just piling up. – [Greg] Well, do you
have health insurance? – Yeah, but I still can’t afford it. – How come? – Well, I pay a $420 premium per month, then I have to pay $1500
deductible per person or $3000 family deductible before my health insurance even kicks in. – Wait, you have to pay $5000 a year in health insurance premium, and then the a $3000 deductible before your health
insurance even kicks in? – Yep, before the family
deductible is met, and that three grand has to be combined between two or more people. Then to add to that, once
the deductible is met, I still have to pay 20% of
every medical bill I get. And some people have
plans worse than this! – [Greg] That’s crazy! – And the government has
something called FSA and HSA, which I can contribute to to help pay for healthcare expenses, but I have to be able to
afford those contributions. So I have to pay a high
premium, a high deductible, if I can afford it, an FSA or HSA, and then 20% after the deductible is met. – That sounds like highway robbery. Why do you have health insurance if you have to pay everything yourself? – Well, I ask myself that all the time. Wrote my congressman about it, asked my employer if he could
offer a more affordable plan, but nothing’s changed. – I knew there were problems, but I didn’t know healthcare
was this bad in the States. I’ve never received a
medical bill in Germany, and I’ve been to several doctors and even had two operations. – Dang. It’s so sad. America’s the only
highly developed country without universal healthcare. – This has to change. We have to do something about this. (poignant music) (thoughtful soft rock music)