hey guys welcome back to another vlog I kind of want to start in my blog showing you guys what I'm eating throughout the day so this is my standard breakfast I get in 20 grams of protein just from the yogurt alone so I live I have this every single day and I also start out the day with my coffee which I use a dash of like steamer and then just a little squirt of honey in and mix it together and that's that hey guys so it another afternoon but I just showed you guys my breakfast I guess I kind of just got ready and then I'm starting the walk properly now now we're leaving the house and I'm actually my way to lunch I'm going to a vegetarian / vegan is rough I know everyone's into watching this walk the earth video right now and on Netflix but to be honest I like cheese and I'm kind of a picky eater I don't eat enough to properly be a vegan you bet – you gotta say that when she we working if I can stir I should follow polish that place resident it was over I have my rap incorporate like I told you guys subscriber lettering it to the whole so yeah that was the business area would like to be business every day I was a time of criminal stuff that's a little bit later I changed my shirt because that shirt was digging into my ribcage and I special guest with me who does not want to be in the balls my sister's here she feels that she looks bad but she's beautiful every single day so but you know she didn't want to be in it looks fine but she's going to stay away camp on Saturday we're just going to have a little gelato at our favorite gelato place we have been for a while an excuse for gelato pretty much I'm with an auction please cool Holt Renfrew Montreal oh sorry enough arrested right like serious not that hard we complete and I'll just steal my money I don't know I'm not that annoying customer I'm not going to like if I buy something and it's supposed to be here I will be on live chat if it doesn't get there if the website has live chat I will call you I will talk especially I pay good money like I really did not give a damn I used to know where my stuff is you better get moving we got to go home now actually now we're going to the gym and we're going to work out our triceps and our shoulders and I'm excited cuz I've been neglecting my shoulders and that's something I love to work out hey guys so onto the commentary portion of the workout I know you guys like the voice-over so I'm showing you guys a few tricep and shoulder exercises today but I will have a very full video not a very full to say full video of this coming soon for you guys so I'm starting out with tricep extensions I use a 15 pound weight and I do 3 sets of 10 making sure I'm squeezing the triceps at the base and then pushing up it's just the tricep that's doing all the work and this hurts like a bitch then I love doing this for my rear delts so I go in the cable machine any cable will work I think this was a leg machine but you just want to go on all fours make sure your back is flat and then you're just using your rear delt to pull that cable back I set the weight pretty light for this like between 5 and 10 pounds because your form is the most important thing and again I do 3 sets of 8 to 10 depending on how I'm feeling and how strong I am obviously what you do to one doubt you have to do to the other but this really shapes up the shoulder and the back of the shoulder really nicely and you will feel the burn there's a place to the place to the place except as we show nobody wants all mechanics moving on this is another shoulder exercise that I always do these are lateral and other a lateral know these are front raises girls get it together again I do three sets of ten usually I will use seven point five pound weights here I'm using five pound I alternate between as a substitute happy for me so the key thing here is you want to make sure you're lifting only from the shoulder and you're not swinging the weight up and I do three sets of ten at a weight that works for me and the final exercise two exercises here are tricep pull downs on the cable machine I love this for the triceps really effective you want to make sure the shoulders are pinched close to your body to your torso and again you're pulling down only stretching that tricep and I do three sets of ten on this exercise and I usually superset a lot of shoulder exercises like I'm doing here but my camera cut out so I don't show you the full reps but these are shoulder like don't row type of things so again I'm holding the weights by my inner thigh on my upper side and I'm just pulling and Welling straight up using my shoulder to pull that weight out three sets of ten [Applause] okay guys I am just getting ready to go to the gym I'm just sitting here about to a pre-workout snack and my video is processing I have a ball that's just getting ready to go up tonight but I want to tell you guys because this kind of like clicked in my mind yesterday I started off the week with Wednesday and I was so motivated asked to do my workout and I realized that the thing that motivates me the most but to kill a workout and I guess to lose weight too is having a hot fire playlist and I'm talking like hot fire flames like hot fire to get me through a workout I literally updated my playlist last night I honestly had the most random things on my playlist like I have really old stuff from three doors down I was so excited to get in and listen to my playlist I was like dancing and getting in the gym I'm excited to hear those songs again today and that is really what gets me in the mood to kill a workout I smashed my workout I did glutes and hams yesterday and they are on freaking fire today and they inner thighs to it I haven't heard this after a leg workout in forever so if you guys need some motivation that your gym sailors I'm telling you it really gets you go and if you like music so now we and then we get changed and then we hit the gym today I am going to have an apple I think in some peanut butter for a pre-workout snap this is my favorite peanut butter at the minute oh hey Fred do you guys want to do it what's in my French because I totally can update it this one here of this cross seatbelt peanut butter not sponsored I did work with them on a video before but this is my fourth cup of this stuff obsessed with all-natural peanut butter with sea salt and it tastes so good this is some peanut butter is like a tablespoon and a half I'm not going to eat all this but let's just say it is a little lazy to mix it and this is something I got in my freezer this is my homemade oatmeal granola bar so I'm going to have back to I like to carve out before work out carbs make me killer workout like northern guys I just got this sports bar in the mail holy crap this is a size 2 and the sad part is I think my boobs are going to be fine fitting into it but I don't know if my back is going to fit into it we're going to try the bra fit I am wearing it under actually I got to wear under this top here so these are the chance to meet tank tops that are really really nice as a crop tank and the bra actually fit it's really cute it shows a lot more than I thought it would show like it's very creating some cleavage I don't have but me likey Oh a lot of people ask me what do I do to my hair when I work out well you can see it's super cute really nice style just kidding it has all these crazy bobby pins on it sometimes I throw a headband on as well and then all I'm going to do with this hanging part is clip it right up with a clip last thing that I care about in the gym is looking cute like hair wise I just need to be away and talk from my face so when I do sweat at least the roots of pull pull so they don't go all frizzy and curly actually probably my favorite workout at the moment I love working on my back and buys so yeah let's go kill it same well another commentary so today I am starting out my back and bicep workout with bicep curls these are the traditional bicep curl I try not to go too fast because I really like to feel the stretch on the way up and then when my body looks at the bottom position is when my tricep is fully extended before I lift the weight again so I do 3 sets of 10 on each arm so that's 20 reps and I'm using 12 point 5 pounds right here sometimes I do 15 sometimes I go a little wider whatever floats your boat after that this isn't a great shot but these are bent over rows and I'm using a 15 pound weight if you guys would like to see this in a better format then you should watch my get rid of back that video because I have my entire back routine and basically I am rolling the weight straight up and I like to think that I'm squeezing my shoulder blade at the top of the movement you also want to make sure your elbow is come in as close to the body and creating like a 90 degree angle as you can messed up we are doing another form of a bicep curl I kind of do a different variation I believe this is called the hammer curl and it's where I am holding the weight and set up with my palm facing down and outwards I'm holding it at a vertical and pulling the weight up but it just kind of works a slightly different portion and my camera cut out here so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I will be back really soon on Sunday with another