regular workout boosts up your
metabolism and stimulates your appetite that will automatically increase your
intake of food being skinny doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from
exercising it is very important to complement your diet with some regular
exercises which will increase your weight here are five exercises that can
improve our weight Rick one push-ups push-ups are one of the most effective
this exercise is ideal for gaining weight on the upper body as it works
best when bigger muscles are worked upon – squats squats is a great exercise to
gain weight for females and mail both this workout especially for them who
want to gain some extra weight around their back and legs squats will also
improve your posture and you can do this at home 3 lunges lunges are one of the
great workouts for bulking up and toning your leg and back muscles also your butt
will look round and bigger for deadlift if you are serious about gaining health
weight then this is the exercise you can’t skip doing this exercise
periodically not only will result in gaining weight but will also improve
your shear strength doing this exercise wrongly can result in great damage to
your muscles so watch some videos from YouTube 5 swimming this cardiovascular
workout is effective in both weight gain as well as weight loss when a person
swims diligently his appetite gets aggravated and he tends to consume a lot
of food which causes weight gain if you follow this workout you will see the
result in a month if you want more recipes and tips subscribe to the