thank you what's up guys call from extreme athletics my business partner John from extreme athletics today's workout we're going to take you through a core / stability workout training for the core is super important because it's your foundation okay if you know on the strong core you're going to be weak in all other areas and the sport then you specifically play so today I'm going to take you through or take John through a bunch of exercises about nine exercises actually three rounds of two rounds of each and three circuits you guys have any questions feel free to write in and it should be fun so you're probably gonna have a lot of questions so like I said feel free to write in anything you want to have I think we're good to go cool alright I'm going to get John warmed up and then we're going to start the circuit all right let's start with 25 30 min drive sorry so any time that we work out now is we want to start with a dynamic flexibility warm-up get the heart rate up with the blood pumping through all the muscles same thing that we always go over and our workouts you want to make the muscles as flexible as possible get everything warmed up before we get started all right next let's go lunge with a big twist over that front leg the five of you sighs so we're warming up the lower body and johnstone a little twist in there that's going to get the core warmed up and we're working on our core today so it's a perfect exercise to start off with solid alright so we are doing stability today as well so i'm going to have John go right into a single leg squat where it's going to stay flat on the ground he's going to keep his chest up he's just going to bend that knee and hip come down touch both hands to the ground and fire off the ground he's going to do 10 reps on each leg perfect one thing we don't want to see here is that he'll coming off the ground that would mean all the weights transferring up on to see how all the way up on the toes you want to keep everything on the heel that weighs glutes are going to fire his hamstrings going to be more active and essentially that's what we want with a single leg squat this is getting all the proprioceptive firing as well which all your balance receptors we want to warm those up as much as possible for this workout perfect let's go 25 more jumping jacks like to throw in some jumping jacks with state loser the end if you stretch the lunch line not as hot as it as it's been lately so I'm actually not too bad but always so yeah all right now we're going to do some hand taps this is one of John's favorite exercises she's going to get a plank position if you can do this with your feet together and your glutes tight more power to you but if you're a pretty note this exercise you're going to want to spread your feet out body's going to be in a straight line only you're going to do is just tap and and keeping the trunk nice and solid give me twenty times John let's get warmed up big one good all right now it's going to take a wide stance we're just going to do a lateral squat he's going to take that outside hand and place it next to is outside inside foot you just rotate up and then just alternating sides let's do five mins we're gone this is a good exercise to stretch out the thoracic spine forms good not rushing through focusing on technique over everything perfect 25 more jokes they live over there Katie good jumping jacks ok ok so now we're going to do a single leg are do ok so he's going to keep this body straight he's going to reach down for his toes you're going to back leg up as high as possible it's going to get a big stretch the hamstring see my back foot want to keep that toe facing down most people will rotate out to actually want that toe pointing straight down to the ground it's going to come up and just go right into the next 15 those on each leg perfect so that's firing the posterior chain glutes fire in the hamstrings and we're working on some ankle stability there as well and some balance so this is a great exercise for eggs for / stability warm up perfect all right last one crossbody mountain climbers so John's going to bring his knee all the way up to his elbow and back knee and elbow and then you're just going to pick up the speed you can do 10 on each side focusing on trying to touch his knees to his elbows perfect it's got to form down that's going to engage all of this for and he's going to speed it up a little bit see his body's in perfect position he's not letting this hip stick to high all right 25 more jumping jacks and we are done with the warm-up good water cool all right so Tom's going to grab water first circuit that we're going to go through we're going to i'm going to show you a single leg kettlebell RDL I'm going to have John do it on the BOSU because I know that on the ground would probably be a little too easy for them then we're going to do some ground in pounds that's a fun exercise and then we're going to do some windshield wipers to get the hips loosened up it's three exercises we're going to go through two circuits of it I typically recommend three circuits but if you up the volume you go higher reps then you can get away with doing 22 rounds of this all right let's go through the first one you can do this with a dumbbell or a kettlebell really doesn't matter you're going to find your balance on the BOSU okay it's imperative that your foot center if you step up there and the BOCES leaning part 2 1 way no you need to adjust it so that's half the battle is just find your balance of the BOSU so I'm bouncing on my left leg I'm going to put the kettle bell on my right hand okay so what's going to happen is John's just going to relax his right arm is going to get his back leg up I he's going to touch that kettlebell to the BOSU look fit to the outside you just going to drive it straight up and he brings this knee up here is going to engage the score thanks we're actually going poor / again the body good form looks good cialis push rotate now a little bit like that we talked about that my warmup so jock and point his foot down in the ground perfect great direction good his horns perfect so when he goes down his body looks like the letter T back to straighten lineman his back leg and his arm is just nice and relaxed looks solid we jump easy let me knock it out all right actually we're going to go into a ground-and-pound ok if you don't have a TRX you could just do this on the ground or if you don't have a BOSU you don't have to your aunties the either we're just going to modify it show you how we do it here just to make it harder on our athletes so it's going to put his put the TRX straps on the speed there about a foot off the ground the measures feet are even it's going to start here ok in a plank position it's going to come down to his elbows and right back up to his hands what you don't want to see is the feet swinging all over the place so John's gonna have to keep his core nice and tight and his hips in line with this body it's called the ground and pound ok it's going to do 10 on each arm so we're going to go 20 reps total so his form looks good got a little bit of hip swivel but that's all right as long as you keep it as core tight this exercise can get some really great exercise for the course so all right next one we're going to to visualize some great mobility one and also want to strengthen the pelvic floor so jobs going to grab that outside of the stability ball and you can do this with algo ball we just have our athletes with the ball to make it harder let's just go to relaxes net arms out to the side I'm just going to bring that ball all the way over lightly touching just foot to the ground I'm just going to pull his belly button into the spine go right back up touch so I'm bringing up my head a little bit let's have a tendency the most updates do you always want to just make sure that their neck is relaxed on the ground you never want to bring their neck up and strength all right doctors gonna do five on each side we're going to keep it easy I typically recommend 20 but just for the sake of time will show you guys ten reps perfect so you want essentially want to keep the bottom of your feet a solar your feet facing up the entire time when you bring it back up to twelve o'clock a lot of people are going to struggle with that exercise it's a great exercise to build up your core and like I said your pelvic floor all right Jamie one more round going back to the single leg our deal you had the form looks good nothing really to 35 hey your core consists that you can really strengthen your core just by doing crunches and backing sentence that's you don't really want to use your core as a prime mover the poor is more of a dynamic stabilizer as well as like a force production okay going back to the compound stop so like an overhead squat or deadlift or a great core exercise don't don't get stuck I'm doing crunches on the time everybody always wants a six-pack but I guarantee if you do a lot of overhead squats and some deadlifts and some dynamic stabilizing muscles you'll get that six pack eventually and you'll do it the healthy way there you go after it it's almost impossible to not have the hips kind of swiveling when you're doing the TRX all right JB windshield wipers back good theater facing up he's doing a great job just squeezing the ball with your angles if you've never done this exercise before you can do it again like I said without the ball or you can't even manage that you can always go feet together and bend your knees just go side to side cool alright we're going to get Jamie equip a little break and then we're going to move on to the second circuit where we're going to do a nice to elbow I'm going to show you a toast of our knees to elbow we're going to do a seated medicine ball toss against the wall and we're also going to do the rip trainer one of my favorite exercises because it's dynamic it's a dynamic core instability exercise all right so let's go to the next one so ready so the next one is a great exercise to strengthen your entire core i'm going to show you the modification the first one is just going to be a call it a nice tail bone where you just go here who's bring your knees up sexually explicit bring your knees all the way up to your elbows hence the name and the third modification is just doing a toast bar when you come all the way up bring your toes all the way up to the bar one thing you don't want to do here is swing a lot okay you don't want to Kip we want to do the exercise nice and slow so that you're using all the four muscles you're not using your body anytime you're going to get you're taking away from that are actually supposed to be helping you stabilize your exercise so JB when you're ready we're going to go five to eight reps they just got a tiny paws down at the bottom keep it everything nice and engage it's not swinging everything looks odd bring his knees all the way up toes are getting way above the bar good I can give better that exercise just build up the reps I typically recommend about three sets of eight to ten getting build up to 3 sets of 10 3 sets of 15 or develop a strong rapport they're all right she did good all throw enough I'm going to have John sit on top of the BOSU feet are going to be together okay you can do this on the ground don't have a BOSU okay keep this chest up he's going to take the ball here throwing it all catch small a little rotation with a pause okay all the while keeping the core tight the entire time so I'm gonna have Jon do 10 of those on each side shut up everything's nice and solid clearly easy exercise form so to make this harder you give them a slam ball if you wanted to we get that heavier ball there's always modifications that you can make like the Secretary's because discovering the rotational plane of the cork all right next one we are going to do the rip trainer all right so you guys are lucky enough to have a rip trainer home TRX who's one of our sponsors puts us up with a lot of year so we love using the rib trainer for this exercise so here's what I have John do I'm gonna have them start on the BOSU again if you don't have a BOSU I just recommend doing this exercise on the ground he's going to square up laterally the wall it's going to get his athletic stamp sospeter wide keeping his knees bent Chester up just spread his hands all the way out keep the arms locked out he's going to rotate away from the wall following his hands with his eyes pausing here and rotating over keeping us poor tight whole time and trying to keep that BOSU balanced all right it's going to do 10 reps on each side perfect forms great one issue I see here sometimes that athletes we'll just rotate the hands and then never follow the hands of their eyes the body will follow whatever the eyes are looking at you want to essentially follow that rip trainer as you're moving same thing after throwing a ball against the wall body's going to rotate a lot more if you want to if you're looking in that direction good he's doing great everything looks solid who looks like its course all the way through the BOSU staying level chest is up first round done all right we're going back to close the bars last round all right going back 10 reps on each side perfect together Wow ground chess is up is keeping everything stable the entire time easy with last one and rip trainer JB 10 on each side an event keeping that goes to nice and stable Sally's ball in his hands with his eyes so his body is rotating a little bit more is engaging more muscles done alright Jamie's going to take a little break and we're going to our last circuit again if you guys have any questions feel free to write in we're covering all three planes of motion today showing you guys multiple core exercises that you can do again get away from the crunches and the back extensions do more stabilizer stuff it's better for you you'll be a better athlete you'll move a lot more efficiently you won't throw your back out when you're carrying all those groceries up to up to your house I'm a one trip type of guy you know no one does two trips I trained my core so I can do one trip all right last circuit reaching opposites all right so last one some of you guys have maybe seen this exercise on the functional movement screens called the FMS test it's this exercise here where you go reaching opposite so it's left arm right leg come down body's kind of nice and stable everything goes out everything's in the straight line it's easy so we train our athletes on that so today I'm gonna have Jamie actually do it on the stability ball it's one of our core foundation exercises we love this exercise we built all of our athletes up to it let me show you a quick modification real quick can do it you can't do it on if you don't feel comfortable on a stability ball can do it on a BOSU your works the same okay if you cannot stabilize there don't worry about taking your hand off just work on taking your leg the time once that's easy then you can work on taking your handsome alright so maybe do it on the stability ball perfect so I always tell the athletes you have to pause for at least two or three seconds a lot of will just throw their arm and hand out there real quick and try to count that as a rep that's not going to make you a better athlete that leg has to be straight you have to fire the glute on that side and again you don't want your foot to rotate out and want that toe pointed down to the ground everything in a straight line perfect stay there JB next exercise created an easy feeling stability Bulter I likes exercise it's fun especially if you're working with kids what I tell them you just want to get tall on the stability ball and keep the core engage if you're here you don't want to just plop down and rest on your feet mr. cord disengages want to be up the entire time you can everything nice and tight and pulling your belly button in your spine so we're going to do ten throws alternating between hands now he's having to keep this core tight to stabilize on the wall so we just put a lot of emphasis on keeping it tight the entire time thrown up balls see if we can get them a little squirrely everything stems from the core don't just think they can magically just bouncing up there he's got a strong core and that's where keeping them stable up there perfect last one BOSU hops all right I love this exercise because it helps with opinion so what I'm going to have JV do is just going to hop out of the bathroom right back off okay if you don't feel comfortable with this exercise don't try it okay what it does is going to strengthen the ligaments and the tendons and the knees and ankles important for athletes especially the surfers as we work with so he's going to balance on one foot and when he hops on the BOSU just going to let it push him right back and then he's going to try to land on that one leg without putting the other foot down so just hop on let it push it right back off and stabilize on/off stabilize keeping the core tight the entire time let's just do five on each side perfect we've got great downs this core strong that's what's helping to stabilize typically recommend five to each leg for about three round much time on that boat boom perfect all right one more round bro reaching offices again stabilize and everything's in a straight line that arms coming directly out front huh flails besides he's essentially got a straight line from his wrist all the way down to his ankle all right let's get some more throws in this sign so that was easy right this time I'm going to have jb close one of his eyes we're going to make a little bit harder this is a great exercise if you have athletes that are pretty advanced I'm going to close an eye and then throw with their non-dominant hand perfect boom done single leg hops to strengthen the ligaments and tendons in the ankle knee and then we are done good stabilize and you putting that bow super come right back off he's stabilizing when it hits the ground fun nice how's it simple so there's some of the exercises that we do here extreme athletics we work with surfers when we work with athletes of all kinds but those are a lot of the exercises that we do again we don't have our athletes do crunches and back extensions all that stuff we work for more stabilizing before okay and research shows that athletes that have a more higher stable core or least like I can't talk less likely to get injured there we go hope you guys have any questions feel free to email us info at extreme athletics org our websites WWE extreme athletics OC com and if you don't live in the area and you want to Train like our athletes we do a travel program that is very affordable you hit us up and we'll put together a program it's a PDF with pictures and exercises and everything kind of walk you through it too so if you want to Train like our pros do hit us up and we will design a custom built program for you next week we're going to do endurance workout should be fun and that was it JB anything that he knows it was a fun workout oh we liked it cool yeah thanks guys