what is up guys welcome back to the channel today we are at Walmart if you can see it behind me and the goal of this video is we were gonna try to get meal prep grocery supplies without spending more than fifty dollars the goal is try to get this to last for about a week or so choosing probably boring to some of you guys but these options are gonna be affordable and convenient especially if you don't have a lot of money to spend so there's gonna be no super secret things and this is gonna be literally the basics but if you follow this you can not only save money but make gains at the exact same time and everybody has a Walmart near himself let's go ahead and get started first off we're gonna go ahead and get some protein outlets cheapest protein to meal prep buy the most versatile is gonna be chicken breast a dollar seventy nine pounds so no cheap budget shopping grocery videos complete without getting some standard chicken breast so we're gonna go ahead and do this and then yeah it's really not bad that is nine dollars or eight dollars and forty one cents which we have 50 bucks so proteins are gonna be the most expensive carbs your cheap vegetables aren't too bad if you're buying them fresh so let's start with this we're gonna proteins out of the way that way we know for the rest of the video how much will budget we have left for everything else let's get on now I used to fly bags at salafi right here the four pound bag for 12 bucks seems like a really good deal but watching Chris Jones I actually found out on the back the ingredients should read just tilapia right with ingredients are tilapia and carbon monoxide so basically it's like smoking a cigarette eating his stuff so I avoid this floppy right here so if you've been buying this be warned carbon monoxide it here causes cancer we don't want cancer ladies and gentlemen we just want to be healthy now a better option can have out the exact same macros is to offer your cod white fish with the fat content in them is almost zero and they're mainly just pure protein sources now I'm going with sway and my opinion it tastes just like cod or tilapia they really all kind of taste same to me but this one does not have to carbon monoxide up you get a four pound bag for eleven dollars and seventy six cents so about twenty dollars and all of our proteins covered now we can go ahead and focus on the rest of the food items now one of the cheapest carbs you're gonna be able to do is rice you can look here I'll people to ask me like is there nursery and white rice brown rice jasmine rice whatever in my opinion if your diet is balanced enough you don't have to worry about going for the brown rice I don't really like the flavor of brown rice we either go with white rice or on some occasions jasmine rice I think it has a little bit of extra flavor to it the macros are still pretty good you did a big old bag what is this five pounds for five dollars and 98 cents and this will last definitely a week so go ahead and do this now for a secondary carbs orse that way we're not just talk with rice we're gonna go and go some potatoes and I get the exact same question with this they're like do I have to do sweet versus white and personally I think if your diet is balanced if you're getting all your micronutrients in it really doesn't matter so I don't I like sweet potatoes I think they're great so usually though if I really want flavor I'll go with red potatoes like this three-pound back of data is three dollars forty seven cents really you can't beat it when you eat all-natural so a lot of people think eating healthy costs its out of money and it really doesn't all you have to do is go to the store make good decisions like this and you're good to go so now we have two carbon sources two protein sources let's go ahead and get some stuff for breakfast now a normal part of my regular breakfast is liquid egg whites but they are kind of expensive mainly for me so it's a convenience factor of weighing amount nothing a man but if you want to save money you want to buy your eggs whole and then separate the yolk from the actual egg white itself so what we're actually gonna do here get some eggs now depending on how many eggs you want to eat when I'm cutting sometimes I'll do like six eggs for breakfast every single morning so I'll usually buy like a big 68 containing here five dollars ninety three cents for sixty eggs that is a ton of nutrition really cheap but if you're going to eat eggs that much you go ahead and do a couple of large containers here dollar 38 apiece so we have about less than $3 you can go two of these I think this would be a good place to start now we got breakfast covered completely unrelated to the video but I got ask you guys a question I'm a big video game nerd I'm gonna know what you guys are you team Xbox for your team PlayStation I'm team Xbox so I'm curious to see what you guys think so comment below with either team Xbox or team PlayStation I'll tally them up I really want to see who wins what do you grant place your Xbox Xbox although we already have two Xbox is got GPS support guys better catch up so we are in the oatmeal aisle some people hate oatmeal I personally like it there a little bit pb2 in there some cinnamon good to go a dollar that's dollar $62.48 for a big old canister of oatmeal hear complex carbohydrates really good stuff here really sustainable energy source especially if you're training you're in a calorie deficit complex carbohydrates keep you energized throughout the day and if you don't like regular old-fashioned oatmeal I know there are some of you these aren't bad either we can do where's the maple and brown sugar they haven't a lower sugar version of this do they have it here aha boom right here lower sugar maple and brown sugar oatmeal I lived off of these things on my last cut now I've been trying to just kind of add my own flavor throw a scoop of protein and with my regular oatmeal but this stuff is good to $2.50 for how many of these do you get 10 holy crap we're gonna go and do both now we need to get ourselves some vegetables normally if you watch my channel long enough you know that I buy the frozen steamed bags because of the convenience they don't go bad but if you're trying to save money check this out dollar 40 pound for some broccoli you got some asparagus down here 297 a pound you really can't beat it asparagus is one of the more expensive vegetables when you buy them like this fresh I know when I buy a bag at Kroger it's like five dollars and I think you get like half a pound for that and the frozen Sneed bag so definitely way to save money but for this video we're gonna be as practical as possible broccoli is a nutrient powerhouse great full of fiber micro nutrients antioxidants literally everything you want in a green veggie see if you're not supplementing with a green superfood powder or something like that make sure you get this in your diets essential especially if you're cutting calories keep your energy levels high we have ourselves a week's worth of broccoli now we are not gonna be including any of these in the actual total I'm just giving you guys a quick little shout out here if you're the type of person that doesn't have the time to cook right I do think everybody can find the time but if you don't think you can find the time you're just starting now protein bars baby massive selection here dollar ninety eight for a single one I still think you know spending that money on like oatmeal or something like that is a better option you're getting a lot more bang for your buck but you absolutely need to get boxes of protein bars you can buy like pure protein I want to see you get six in this for six ninety four not too bad a little over a dollar for a meal replacement so pure proteins not a bad brand fit crunch is not a bad brand don't fall victim to these complete cookies there lets you macro min they're not very healthy and you have tons of options they even have protein chips nowadays which I actually quite a bit up so but we won't be getting any of these for the actual video this is just a quick little shot I'll give you guys a couple tips so keep on moving I want to give a quick shout out to bananas an awesome carb source here forty-three cents a pound can't go wrong with them unless you're mean I don't really like bananas so I'm not gonna be buying them on this trip but I seen them and I want to give you guys a shout out if you like banana it's very affordable really nutrient dense a good source of carbohydrates really good throwing a diet and on a budget so I'm not putting it on my cart though now we need some sauces to go along with this food when you're eating the same things over and over again you got to make sure you can switch it up a little bit adding a little sauce goes a long way I'm a big hot sauce fan by the way and you get a really good deal Frank's Red Hot buffalo sauce love this stuff and then we're also gonna do which one are they got here well really any mustard whatever mustard you'd like do they have flavored mustards they do so we can actually do like a self you didn't see that we'll cut that out we got ya see this stuff's good yourself with mustard dollar fifty two dollars fifty cents he sauces should last us for quite a bit just make sure you're looking for labels and see which ones have zero calories or some have like five calories for serving just make sure you're looking at that that way you're not adding a bunch of calories when with you know sauce is unnecessary now they have a really good deal on donut holes you can get this entire selection of a sort of donut holes you get cinnamon sugar powdered sugar and pumpkin naturally and artificially flavored for five dollars this is great but three and at each meal three donut holds a meal you're good if you don't like doing a hold you can also get some mixed pretzels here white chocolate and dark chocolate coated guys these are great deals three bucks for this you can't really go wrong I'm kidding I did it don't go by Andy's thinking they're gonna fit into your meal plan always have to add one of these little humor parts in alright we are actually going to go with some bagel fins here to two dollars ninety eight cents you get six in here macros are good high in fiber whole wheat complex carbohydrate really good for breakfast you can mix with peanut butter and in there so I think we're getting pretty close here I'm gonna have like one or two more things and then I would probably eat our fifty dollar budget so let's grab one more thing and it wouldn't be a good diet or meal plan without some natural peanut butter I love this stuff guys keeps me saying healthy fats just make sure when you're buying it did you go with the natural there's a lot of these other brands you're bundler peanut butter has a lot of added vegetable oils and things like that if you want the full gamut of the nutrition benefits or peanut butter get a good natural so we got this and I would say with everything we have in here we really cover every single thing here we got our proteins complex carbohydrates veggies really all this would be a very balanced diet affordable honestly so let's go see if with 50 dollar mark or not so I got my $50 cash here we're not allowed to go over this is where we will put something back we after we're going to keep this under 50 bucks I'll set my cash right there we're good and start scanning some of this stuff and I'll check back in with you guys when scan and I'll show you what this all cause guys I we did better than we expected look at the total here forty nine dollars and 85 cents so we had 15 cents left over I can even go get a stick of gum with that money oh yeah look at all this food forty-nine dollars and 85 cents really you can't beat that so I think we successfully did it weekly bodybuilding grocery meal prep shopping on a $50 budget I'll take it I'll take it well chalk this is a win so as you guys just seen we got all those groceries for forty nine dollars and eighty-five cents not too bad I wanted to give you guys a couple little tips though you might wonder why I don't buy any red meat typically red meat at stores like this unless you find it like markdown sometimes you go to like a Walmart or a Kroger and they'll have it labeled they're like managers special or whatever cuz it's about to reach the expiration date you can get that stuff a little cheaper but typically like steak and ground beef especially lean ground beef you buy regular ground beef there's a lot of fat in there unless you're really not tracking macro just trying to eat a lot of food regular ground beef can be affordable but for the most part red meats gonna be a little more expensive so we offer the whites if you like get all more bang for your buck you lose lean protein sources and it also leaves room in your macros for stuff like peanut butter and things like that so this whole entire lifestyle the shopping the prepping all that it doesn't have to be tough this can be something that you just incorporate in your daily lifestyle and you make it more of a less of a chore and make it more of to something you do every day and what right and I'm telling you guys diet is by far the most crucial component when it comes to a building muscle losing weight getting a six-pack just being overall healthier guys it's diet I would say it's about 70 percent diet 30% training I know you hear that a lot but in my personal experience when my diet goes to trout my training does not make up for it it doesn't it might help keep me in check and keep me in line but honestly guys diet is the most crucial component and it doesn't have to be hard the worst thing you can do is over complicate it you've seen what we did in here kept it simple we had our few carbohydrate sources we had a couple different protein sources we had our eggs for breakfast we had oatmeal we had the peanut butter bath some sauces didn't go too crazy and shopping like that and not getting any of the other bullcrap allows you to not really cheat yourself when you're Holmes it's easy to look and go okay I have eggs what else have a box of cinnamon toast crunch which one do I want you know if you eliminate that stuff from your household mix the stuff way easier to fall and that's something I try to follow even though my girlfriend does like to keep Lay's salt and vinegar chips and stuff at the house I've kind of trained myself to avoid that stuff but if you're the type you're just starting out having those temptations I would advise against it so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you want to see more videos like this let me know we're trying to figure out the direction to take this channel I know a lot of you guys like the grocery videos and stuff a lot of you guys like the blogs but I really just want to know you guys as feedback so if you enjoyed this video and you got some value out of it you learned a thing or two or maybe a little inspiration hit that thumbs up button for me helps me out more than you guys know recommends this video to more people more people can see it and more people can get benefit out of it and yeah like I said I'm excited to see which one you guys are teen Xbox and teen PlayStation so with that I think we're out of here we're gonna go home we have all these groceries now grant we're going like kings alright guys have a good day diesel truck in the background I will talk to you guys soon thank you so very much for the support on the channel and as always don't forget to smile remain positive and pay someone a compliment because you never know whose day you can make it better with that I'm out here this has been a true meeting James production and I will see you fine ladies and gentlemen at the next video see you guys