hey guys it's Carl brown from guitar lessons 365.com today's weekly workout lesson we're gonna take a look at bending and keeping them in tune and we're gonna work on bending up two notes and we're also gonna work on doing pre bins and it's just gonna be a simple little exercise that you can do that you can work on this and you can use every finger with it as well so I'm gonna start here we're just going to play simple melody on one string and it's repeated on every string down now this may completely destroy your calluses which is a good thing you know they'll come back even stronger so we're gonna start here at the tenth fret on the high E string but really don't worry about the frets I mean you can do it for this this lesson but you want to play the same exercise on every fret because that's what's you know the string tension changes as you're going up and down the fretboard doesn't mean if I'm bending a string here it's gonna be a lot different than bidding down here so it's a different string tension so you need to get used to that wherever you're at so take this exercise and play it in a few different places every day so we're gonna start here with tenth fret and then we're gonna go that back two frets and Bend up and release bent up to that note that sounds the zakat so that's why we played the note before so we know what we're aiming for can you pick this note after you release the bend now gonna rock on a half-step in from a half-step below that so we have so you have to really feel the difference between a whole step and a half step but you didn't hear them and here if you're in tune immediately but you just heard the note you're bidding to right before it then do the same thing on the B string all right so it's an you know it's important to kind of do it with the same finger because it will really work out that one finger and get your calluses worked on but then you can change fingers and do the same exercise again with any finger you want to do so we also have a prebend version of this so that's not like this all right so basically you want to make it it's on your hand this note so you want to hear it like that so I just really got to get the feel all right so it's important to be able to hear yourself well so instead of playing without your guitar plugged in or something try to practice through an amp unfortunately my amp is a couple rooms away right now so it's kind of hard to hear it so everyone Salaam I get a little warm but I can kind of know what the guitar feels like already I'm used to so I can do it and still kind of hit most of the pre bins so like I said change fingers do it with your second finger down and then you can you know do it with your first thing or you good all right so do anything you can even if you're a guy who uses his pinky alright so practice it with all fingers as you might find that he likes some more than the others but there is always an opportunity to use just about anything you don't want to be limited how you have to finger some kind of lick because you had to use a certain finger to bend a note you should be able to bend them you know accurately and well with all your fingers so just kind of stick with it and it's kind of a exercise that'll really wear out your fingertips but I think it's a great exercise and I do it all the time alright guys enjoyed it I'll be back again soon with another workout perfect all US since 365.com bye bye