vlog 07. I’m yogini, with intermittent fasting. I want to talk about my thoughts for a healthy life. A week that began again. November is coming to an end. I’m going to shorten my fasting time. Shorten fasting time?
Not increasing? ..Yes Recently, my fasting time was unintentionally long. After a good trip in October,
My appetite was stable, so I was off my guard. On weekdays and weekends, I took classes at private institutes, and lunch time was ambiguous. a long fast of 19 to 20 hours. I had a protein bar for my first snack and had dinner. At first, there was no problem. I thought I was eating too little, but… I wanted to take this opportunity to adapt myself to a long fast. It’s been a month since I have a schedule for the academy anyway. I thought, easily. After two weeks, I felt increased appetite from a little bit. Just as much nutrition as less energy.
My body wanted to eat more honestly. As always, when I feel a strong appetite,
My body first found unhealthy food. And the sense of compensation has arisen. I kept wanting to eat sweet snacks. It wasn’t hard during fasting. The meal time was hard. after eating, too. It was similar to the feeling of failing an intermittent fast in the past. As time went by, I felt a little more burdened. This lifestyle is wrong with me now. I learned. A mindset necessary to maintain a healthy mind while on a diet. The keyword this week was “learn.” I had too long a fast time and didn’t eat enough. I ate junk food for compensation. My heart was heavy. I looked back one by one. (I try to practice yoga every day.) Keep eating. But these days are also necessary. I have no regrets. It’s a valuable experience if I’ve learned something. The common idea is that the longer the fasting time, the more weight lose. For three weeks, I had extended my fasting time, I didn’t feel like I had lost weight. Rather, unhealthy habits were on the rise. I thought I could gain weight if it continues. From now on, I will reduce fasting a little and restore a healthy diet. Our diet and lifestyle change every day. Hormones and the environment change, too. Sometimes things don’t work out.
Things don’t always work out. Sometimes things go well.
Things are not always going wrong. Healthy life and habits seem to have to be learned throughout life. It was so delicious. I sprinkled pepper salt without dressing sauce. For me, the word “weight loss” is… not mean “a decrease in the number of scales” It means practicing healthy habits and mindset every day. This week I was a little upset, I learned about myself. What did you learn after spending your day today?