Medical clinics stopped in Youngstown. The team brought medical, dental and vision screenings for a two day event that started this morning at the Covelli Center. All health services are free of charge to the community. 27 First News Reporter Vince Coll caught up with a community member urges everyone to stop by. Leonard Boffman, Youngstown: Leonard Boffman was one of an estimated 500 community members who received free health screenings on Saturday. He rode his bike to the Covelli Centre at 430 am to make sure he had a spot in line. In two weeks he’ll have a pair of prescription Bi-Focals sent to his house – courtesy of R.A.M. Boffman: “THE PEOPLE ARE VERY NICE AND THEY DONATE THEIR TIME SO YOU BETTER TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. YOU DON’T GET TOO MUCH FREE MEDICAL. PERIOD. Andy Chiodo – Licensed Optician: “FOR US TO COME IN WITH A SERVICE LIKE THIS AND OFFER THIS KIND OF SERVICE AT NO COST FOR THESE PEOPLE IS JUST SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO PART OF.” Andy Chiodo is a licensed optician from Ashtabula. This weekend is his fourth time volunteering for R.A.M. He says what’s in it for him is the difference he can make for people. Andy Chiodo – Licensed Optician: “TO GET THAT WOW FACTOR WHEN A YOUNG PERSON PUTS ON A PAIR OF GLASSES AND IT CHANGES THEIR WHOLE WORLD. THERE’S JUST NOTHING LIKE THAT FEELING.” WRTA is also offering free Bus Rides to the Covelli Center. Tito Brown says organizers did a good job considering the barriers people may face to get treatment. Tito Brown, Mayor: “IF I CAN’T GET TRANSPORTATION TO IT. I’M NOT GOING TO GO. BUT NOW WE REMOVE THAT BARRIER AND THEY CAN HAVE ACCESS TO THIS HEALTH.” Day Two continues Sunday from 6am to 4pm In Youngstown Vince Coll WKBN 27 First News. [C9]20190921 AUTISM PIC DAY-VO Free Family photos for special