– ( laughter )
– ( groans )( music playing )Yoga has long been practiced
by advanced gurus as a physical
and spiritual exercise that has intense effects
on the mind, body, and soul. But apparently
that is not enough, so people are doing stuff
like adding goats and calling it goat yoga but as far as we know, no one has added snakes. We’ve asked Heather,
a certified yoga instructor, to help us
with this God-awful idea. Now, Heather, you’ve never done
snake yoga before because it’s not a thing. – No.
– Are you scared of snakes? – A little bit.
– Okay. – We’re a lot of bit.
– A lot of bit? So you’re gonna walk us
through some poses and then we’re gonna
have snakes dangled upon us? Yeah, we’re gonna grow
as people, we’re gonna let go
of our fears, and we’re gonna become friends
with these snakes. Inhale, reach your arms
all the way up. Reach your arms up to the sky. And let’s just exhale
all the way down, folding towards the earth. This is great. No need
for actual snakes, Heather. Or maybe. I have passed gas
one time during that. Oh, they don’t like
a lot of smells. I’ll just get it
all out right now. They smell
with their tongue, dude.
It’s especially rude. I just want you to feel
just the different sensations
that you’re feeling here today. – Fear.
– A little embarrassment
about passing gas. General questioning
of my life path. Well, let’s just accept that maybe all this will be part of our practice today – as we work with these snakes.
– Maybe. Let’s see what happens. Who’s this?
Delilah? – Pandora.
– Ooh! Just let yourself
feel the snake as it slithers
along your body. – Oh, I feel it.
– I’m feeling it
as it chokes me. ( groans ) I’m going to accept my fate. – Heather: Accept the snake.
– I’m going to die today. And that is okay. I’ve lived a good life. I’ve accomplished things. I’ve had all the children
I’m going to have. Link: Oh, look
at Heather’s snake. It looks like it’s coming
out of her rectum. Reach your arms up.
Everybody say, “Hello, snakes.” Hello, snakes. ( fearful )
Hell-oh. The strangest thing
that’s ever happened to me. – Heather:
Oh, wow, it’s like a hat.
– Oh, look at Link. Oh, wow, Link. You’ve got
a snake headband. ( sobbing ) You have
a snake headband. ( wails ) It frames
your face perfectly. ( laughs ) Heather:
All right, ready?
We’ve gotta step back. Step your right leg back. We’re gonna go
to a Warrior One. so we can maybe find
a little strength. Link, something
is going wrong with your face. ( groaning ) See through your new eyes, Link.
See through your new eyes. ( wailing ) I think–
I don’t think crying helps. ( wailing continues ) That snake took your glasses
right off, man. Heather: All right, Link,
when you’re ready, step that right leg back.
Step that right leg back. Warrior One,
you can find the strength. Right leg back, Link.
You have to listen, too. Right leg back.
That’s the right leg,
and move it back. Okay, Link? Yeah, yeah, that’s cool, but take the right leg
and move it back. There you go. There you go.
Good job. Usually we do both sides, but maybe we should just… Wrap it up. …open up to another pose. Okay, yeah. I wanna be a poster
in my 1986 bedroom right now. – ( Heather laughs )
– Of course, I would be a woman. Every cell of your being, let it allow you
to accept the snake. We’re gonna start
to move our toes in towards center
for a moment. Yeah?
And then we’re gonna bring our feet together. And then we’re gonna
go to a pose we call
Downward Facing Dog. Slowly come on down. Bring your hands down
to the mat. What’s happening
down there, Link? Oh, God.
( laughs ) Which side of the snake
is that? The tail is going “whoop!” – Breathe.
– Link, just relax your anus. I think if the snake wants in,
the snake should have in. – Let–
– He’s backing in. It’s like backing
into a garage. Let the snake do exactly
what it wants to do. We’re gonna bring
our hands down to the mat. Feel that snake
starting to squeeze deeper. Oh, gosh. Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah. He’s getting tight ’cause
he feels like he’s gonna fall. It’s squeezing–
it’s squeezing me. Heather: It’s squeezing.
I feel that, too. Big breath in, everyone. – Rhett: Okay.
– Heather: Exhale. Find your inner snake. Maybe find
your little hiss… I don’t have to find
my inner snake. I have an outer snake
right now. Maybe pretend to start to
slither like a snake as well. And ready? We’re gonna do
a nice hiss on our exhale.
Inhale in. ( blowing through lips ) I can’t do it ’cause
it’s too close to my face. Your snake just crapped. – Oh, my God.
– Oh! Look at all that crap. – Ew!
– Whoo! Oh, it’s still doing it. ( laughs loudly ) I feel one with the snakes. Don’t you get any ideas. Don’t come over here
and do that. That turd is so huge. ( laughing ) Looks like a dog did that. It might’ve been a dog. Thank you, Heather.
That was not amazing. Next we’re gonna be exploring
men’s deodorant. Or is that
a Nicolas Cage movie? I don’t know.
Click through to find out. Thank you, Heather. – Don’t put your hand in that.
– I’m not. Rhett:Find your inner peaceby giving your outer selfa cool set of pinslike these ones,
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