Hey everyone! I’m Camille and for three days, I’m going
to be trying out the Elvie Kegel Tracker. I feel like I do have a very nice vagina,
but you know, it can always get better. Always room for improvement. Based on what people have said on the website,
Chiara, from London says, “I love using my Kegel Tracker and I can total feel like
it’s all working and my muscles get stronger and stronger every week.” Okay, Chiara. Serena, from Sydney says, “It’s incredible
every woman should get one.” Well Serena, I have one and I’m going to
try it. So every needs to come along on this journey
with me and check it out and see if it actually works. This is the Elvie insert. It kind of looks like a sperm. Super cute, right? And it comes in this little cute case that
also stands as a charger. You plug it up into a USB and insert it into
the wall and your Elvie is charging. This is the Elvie app. So for those of you who are just tuning in
don’t know that the app is specifically here to track your kegel exercises. They provide you with a lot of games and a
lot of levels and activities. Alright, so I’m going to hit the targets
by quickly squeezing and then relaxing. And kegel exercises are basically just to
strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and to make your vagina overall healthier down there. When you get older, it helps to keep everything
in. And to be quite honest, I love it. I love it. It’s super interactive, super great. You know for someone like me, whose attention span
is like this big, having the game as a complimentary you know there’s the games and I have to hit the target and I’m like “go go go!” I feel like I’m in an arcade with my vagina
and it’s so, it’s so- Hey everyone! So it’s my second day using the Elvie. I love it still. It’s still great. I don’t think I mentioned it before in the
last video, but I am, there are levels. There’s levels to this shit. I am on beginner because I sort of skipped
the training because I was too cool for that. Because like “what? Training?” So, I stepped up to beginning and I’m killing
it! So based on my last two workouts, you could
see that I have basically made it to “Perfect!” I’ve made great progress. Honestly, I’m pleased with this chart because
it shows my vagina is a winner. But I already knew that, but just so everyone
out there knows. Hey everyone, so I’m wearing my Elvie while
walking down the street right now. It feels good. I feel like I’m getting a real workout in. Hey everyone, so this is my third and final
day using my Elvie Kegel Tracker. Oh! I feel like I’m having a baby. And after these three days, I think I’m
going to have to go with: I love it. I absolutely love it. I definitely feel as though my vagina has
been completely rejuvenated. Not only are my walls tighter, my pelvic floor
muscles are stronger, and I just feel completely healthy. Like I have a whole new vagina and that was
the goal and I am so happy and so proud and so pleased with this product. Because usually you would think that you know things
have this long, huge list of things it’s supposed to do and they don’t do any of
them. But this one did everything and I’m super
happy and super pleased. And I made it to intermediate, which is one
of my goals so *snaps* for me. So it’s been three days and at the end of
the three days, I have to say I absolutely love my Elvie Kegel Tracker. I think it’s amazing. I definitely saw results quickly. Definitely was a little concerned about
sticking something foreign in my vagina and having it in there for five minutes or more. So there are games and one of them is hit
the targets, so I felt like I was in an arcade with my vagina. So I was literally hitting targets like ch-ch-ch. Like as soon as there was a target, I had
to squeeze. I improved very quickly. I made it to the intermediate level. The great thing about this is because it’s
so small, and it’s so comfortable, you can use it in just about any place. For instance, I used it at work, in the office,
in the Refinery 29 office, on the 25th floor. I was doing my kegel exercises. Oh yeah, yeah, I’ll send you that email
as soon as I’m finished doing my kegels. This has been so much fun. I absolutely love my Elvie Kegel Tracker. I’ll see you guys next time.