already famous this is a treadmill desk from lifespan and it's a desk that lets you walk and work at the same time I got some of my Business Insider co-workers to try for a day to see how they like it ah look at that very nice yes okay feeling good can I quit this hard to type there's no point I'm less effective like trying to click things I'm miss clicking on some stuff like if there's something small I want to click on I'll accidentally like take a step and missed also kind of hard to read it's miserable is so stupid I find it kind of distracting my legs feel like all wobbly right now I feel ok but that's because I just took a break a little while ago I sat down I'm feeling good I'm feeling like I'm starting to finally get the hang of it actually kind of liked it so far I feel fine I feel like I could do this for a long time probably because I'm working so slowly there's a probably at least happy I've been at a long time compared to standing still in one place like you do on a traditional standing desk this is much better because your legs are moving and so you don't get the same kind of soreness from just saying fixated in one spot I feel good I feel like I'm like working out it's good for me I want to I want to quit I wanted to get off I'm tired and you know getting off this thing it's like getting off a ship I'm woozy I effect my work I certainly wasn't positive and I didn't get less work I'm having a good time and I feel like I'm getting as much work done as I normally do overall Stig's positive I like it I really enjoyed my experience I liked the experience so exhausted I feel tired I want to go to sleep I don't want to be standing I don't want to be walking I don't want to be anything are you dizzy are you no I'm just I'm just bored and not happening ok it's this sucks who would ever do that