– [Jillian] What is your motivation? – I want your arms! – Good one, good one. (upbeat rock music) Hey, guys, I’m Jillian Michaels
and I am a fitness coach, lifestyle and wellness expert,
certified nutritionist. I have so many credentials, it’s crazy. I’m sure you guys have
heard this buzz-phrase that sitting is the new smoking. We’re all sitting all day long, at our computers, on our cell phones. So the whole idea is knowing that this is our modern way of life, without having to quit your job, how do you stay healthy? So I’m at the Buzzfeed
offices in Los Angeles, and I’m gonna go in there. I’m gonna shake some
people up, or really just help them get healthier, so let’s go. We have work to do. Oh, oh, hello, what are you eating? What’s in your face right now? What is that? Let me see it! What’s that thing? Give me that. Give it, give it! A cookie, that doesn’t look healthy. Does it look healthy? A stale cookie. Really? This is not food. This is like fake color, fake fat, fake flavor, a horse’s hoof. You have vegetable shortening. That doesn’t sound very
good, artificial flavor. You guys look like you’re about
to get your mug shot taken. (workers laughing) I think you should just stop
everything down in the middle of the day and have a
quick 20-minute workout. All right, burpees, guys, let’s go! – Do I look like I’m
dressed to workout today? No.
– Okay, come on! Let’s go, let’s go, good job, good job! Lunges, let me see ’em, down and up! There we go, aren’t you
feeling better already? The blood’s circulating. You’re energized. Get in plank. We’re working on those abs. Summer body, can I get
a summer body, people? – Can I plank on my knees? Can I plank like– – No, this is not a bucket of
beer night at the Mother Lode. Get on your hands and feet. There we go. Final thoughts, I’ll give you my takeaway. First of all, you bring your own healthy snacks to work with you. And you don’t succumb to this. – I am a really big fan
of Jillian Michaels. I love doing exercise videos. Every time I was about to drop the weight, she was like, “Keep going!” And I was like, “Oh my
God, it’s like she knows.” This is a priceless experience. I have been scared shitless to become fit. – You are fit! – Thank you. When you tell us to hold the weights and then you have to do
this, I can’t do that. – Lateral raises?
– Yes. – You’re doing ’em right now! – Well, not with weights. – We’re gonna have a breakthrough moment. We’re gonna have a light bulb moment. Go! One, good, don’t forget to breathe. Two, inhale down, exhale up. Three, brace yourself. Four more, three more, two more. Inhale, up, buddy, yes! How do you feel? – Strong, strong. (workers cheering and applauding) Good job, buddy! You guys are such good sports! (mellow acoustic guitar music)