– I feel like they gave
like an eight year old a credit card and they were like, “Here, go to grocery store
and pick out all the things “that you really want to eat!” Hi, guys, I’m Sarah. I’m a registered dietitian and the director of education at HUM, and today, I am here with Matt and we are going to do
a grocery intervention. I’m so pumped. (energetic music) So why don’t you tell me a little bit more about how you feel in your body and what your goals are around nutrition? – I don’t sleep great. I would like to have some more energy, and you know, you always
wanna be in better shape. I would like to have some muscles maybe. – Okay. – Working on that a little bit. – Since we’re doing this
grocery intervention, what are you hoping to get out of this? – More knowledge and understanding of just nutrition in general. I’m not good at being bad at things, and so with nutrition
it’s always just been like I don’t know what I’m
doing so I don’t try, whereas if I had a clear sense
of what I should be doing I think I could make it happen. – All right, well we’re
gonna go into Matt’s pantry and start to explore into their fridge and see what’s going on in there. So not a ton of stuff in here. I don’t think I see any
vegetables, but we have some eggs, which is great, good source of protein. Look, we found some greens! – They may have gone a little bad. – They’re kind of yellow,
but the intention was there! – Yeah.
– I’m proud of you for having arugula, that’s great! Oh, dear. (laughs nervously) Red Bull and rose rose, fuel your destiny, which is diabetes at this
point with all of this. We’ll find you better options. More sugar in a bottle. This is good, I mean, some protein. Deli meat, probably a little
higher in sodium than we want, but that’s okay, we
can find you something, some good protein. That’s the fridge, so
not a lot of vegetables. We could probably kind
of beef things up here, ’cause ideally we wanna see the majority of what you’re eating
coming out of your fridge ’cause then it’s good food. So let’s check out the pantry now. Are you ready? – Are you ready? – I mean, I don’t know. Okay, well there’s not
too much stuff in here, but I’ll start from the
bottom and work my way up ’cause I see something a
little scary down there. Here it is, (laughs) the college boy diet. What? Do you eat this? – Yeah, it’s really good! – How often? – A few days a week. – Is this like dinner? – Yeah, well I’ll pull like an egg in there to make it healthy. – Okay, so you’re getting
a little bit of protein. – Yeah.
– Chicken flavor. What does that mean? – It means it tastes like
it’s adjacent to chicken. – Oh, sodium, 830 milligrams, so 35% of your entire
day of sodium is in here, and then the other thing. – And that’s only in half a block. – Oh, no! So this will give you high blood pressure if you keep eating it.
– Okay. – Which is, you know,
not something we want. This is like nutrient void. I don’t see any like vegetables or colors. We don’t even have real chicken in here. So we’ll find something that’s still easy, ’cause I know convenience
is a big thing for you. All right, some pasta. not bad. Do you put anything with this
or is it just straight pasta? – I put tomato sauce on it. – Okay, so we can beef this up. Still do pasta. I’m not saying pasta is bad. There’s higher protein options. There’s ones with a little bit more fiber that we can definitely get you, and then it’s just about
bringing in some more things. So pasta sauce is great,
but then I always think like how can you add more
vegetables to something? So that’s what we’ll talk about. Okay, when do we have this, how often? – I think most mornings. – Okay, so this is a breakfast. – I don’t like normal milk,
I only like chocolate milk. – Okay, well, we’ll find
something to replace that with. And then another easy-to-make ramen style. This one has cheese so it’s gonna have a little bit of fat and protein. Oh, we have something
that’s actually healthy, and it’s not opened! (laughs) – Well, I saw it at the store
and I thought it was healthy, so I bought it like two months ago. (Sarah laughs nervously) – And what did you intend to do with this? – I guess drink it? – Okay, so we can kinda
get this into your habit. You know, like that
chocolate milk conversation, maybe we can turn it
into apple cider vinegar. This is really great ’cause
it can help stabilize your blood sugar and it’s
also gonna help feed your gut. That’s another thing I’m thinking about. Like where are you feeding
your bacteria in your gut? There’s no fiber, there’s no colors. This can help. I didn’t even know they still made this. – You’re supposed to eat fruit, so Fruit by the Foot.
– This is your, this is your serving of fruit? – Yeah! They’re really good.
– This isn’t fruit by the way. – It’s not?
– No, let’s look at the, let’s look at the label. Pear puree concentrate, and
sugar, and maltodextrin, and corn syrup, palm oil. (dry heaves) I actually love this stuff. This is really good. I’m not saying that it’s
necessarily healthy, but at least I believe it is real cheese. This is the one that you’ve
been warning me about. Okay, I don’t even know where to start.
– All good things. – All things, for sure. All right. How often are we eating Lucky Charms? Is this like a staple breakfast? – Yeah, like cereal is
like the staple of my diet. – Okay, this is candy, so we’re gonna move that out of the way. And this is also candy.
– This is my favorite. – Yeah, this is delicious.
– I eat like a box a day. – A full, like a like a this sized box, a day?
– Yeah, yeah. – Like for breakfast, lunch, and? Like what do you eat?
– So just like any time I’m, any time I’m bored or like
I don’t wanna make a meal, this is what I eat. – Does it keep you full? Does it make you feel good? This is why you have no energy also, ’cause this stuff will
spike your blood sugar and then crash your energy. So no more sugar for meals. This is like a little bit better because we have some
whole grains in there, but still, it’s, there’s
no substance to it. We gotta get balance, we gotta get more fiber, and colors, and protein. (Sarah gasps) This is just empty! There’s nothing, this is trash! (Matt laughs) – I finished it, but
there’s a lot of sugar left and so I figured like maybe I’d wanna sprinkle this on something. (Sarah laughs) – That’s not how things work!
– No. – Oh, there’s a lot of cereal back there. – Yeah, it’s a staple. – How much can you? Oh, my gosh. Cocoa Pebbles? There’s more! – Want some help?
– Rice Krispies. No human needs this much cereal! You are living on sugar. We need to change this. I don’t think it’s gonna be that hard, ’cause I see that you
have some good habits. We just need to make better choices and bring in some more
balance into your diet. So let’s go to the grocery store and fix this pantry and fix this kitchen. – Sounds good. – So we just went to Whole Foods. It’s two blocks from
here, did you know that? – I did know that, but I have never been. – You’ve never been into the Whole Foods that’s literally a three
minute walk from your house? – No.
– Okay, great. So we went over there. We got a whole makeover of your groceries, and I’m so excited to share it with you. Are you ready to see your
new and improved groceries? – I’m very ready.
– Okay. (energetic music) Cereal was something that came up a lot. You were the cereal king. So what I did was just
pick out some new cereals that have a little bit more
nutrient density to them. So they’re a little bit higher in fiber, there’s not so much added sugar. When we were looking at
some of your cereals, it was like maltodextrin,
and sugar, and corn syrup. These do not have those
types of ingredients. Some of them have a little bit of sugar, but it’s nothing like
what we were looking at. So this is just gonna help
kinda balance your meals out a little bit, and then we also got some blueberries so you can add some fiber and phytonutrients into your cereal, just to kind of round it
out a little bit more. (energetic music) What are you usually having
for lunch and dinner? – Like a ham sandwich or it’s
chicken, chicken nuggets, frozen pizza, yeah.
– Or ramen. – I love me some ramen.
– Love me some ramen. So what I wanted to do
is get you something that was still easy to put together but just a little bit healthier. So first thing, since you
do eat a lot of sandwiches, I got you some sprouted grain bread. It has a little bit more
protein, more fiber. So this is a really good alternative to just like a white bread
or a processed wheat bread. And then I was really excited
to get you some veggie burgers because you can do this for
dinner, you can do it for lunch, and it’s just a way to get some more fiber and vegetables into your diet. We also got you some frozen meals. – I like those.
– There are, yeah, so like super easy, right? So instead of making the ramen, you can just heat up one of these, and they have really clean ingredients, there’s no added sugar,
there’s no ingredients in there that you can’t pronounce, everything is really, really awesome. So I wanted you to have something that was like (snaps) quick and like just do it, you’re done. – Awesome, ’cause I’m very lazy. – To go into also being lazy, I got you some precut veggies. – Oh, wow!
– Because we gotta get you some fiber and phytonutrients
and all these yummy things. So all you really have to do is open this, drop it in a saute pan, or
roast it, and you’re good to go. And then we just kind of
refreshed your arugula, because that was the one.
– Yeah. – The green that you did have
that was a little sad-looking, so I got you some more arugula. Instead of chicken fingers,
we can do just like a fresh, easy chicken, and
it’s all about the seasoning, so we got you a couple, Italian seasoning and then lemon pepper so
you can season this up and throw it on the George Foreman. So I know you said you had a little grill.
– Yes. – So you can just make that on there.
– Can I shape them like dinosaurs? – You can do whatever you want, yes!
– Okay, perfect. – You can make these into dinosaurs, you can do it with your arugula, you can do it with, you know, some of the broccoli, cauliflower. Also, we did notice that
you were a pasta person. – That I am. – So I’m gonna challenge you
to try some mung bean pasta. – What is mung bean? – Mung bean is a high protein bean. So it still has that really
kind of pasta-like consistency and texture, it just has
more protein, more fiber. I also got you a pasta
sauce without sugar, ’cause a lot of times you have to be careful with pasta sauce. They throw a ton of sugar in there. And then, to upgrade your white pasta, I just got you some good
old whole wheat pasta. So this is just, again,
more nutrient density. I wanted to make sure you
still had some mac and cheese, but this is a chickpea
pasta so you’ll be getting just a little bit more
nutrients, more fiber, and more protein in there. And then we also got you
some Primal Kitchen ketchup, so no high fructose corn syrup. So a lot of times people
are eating ketchup. There’s so much sugar in ketchup, and it’s more of like a
sweet than it is a vegetable. – That might be why I live off ketchup. – I would probably imagine. You and your sugar! And finally, for your
veggies, for any cooking you are now going to be inspired to do, just a little coconut oil spray. So this can go in a saute pan. Spray it in, dump the veggies in. You could cook the
chicken with this as well. This’ll just kinda help get
you back into the kitchen and make it easy and simple. (energetic music) So I know you’re a snack person. So I wanted to keep that
in mind when I was shopping to make sure that you had
things that were crunchy but that weren’t just
straight carbs and sugar. So I got you some delicious
roasted and salted cashews. These are gonna be really crunchy. They’re also just like creamy and buttery, and these aren’t gonna
spike your blood sugar. So that’s really important. If you have a handful of
these, it’s gonna keep you full so you’re not gonna have to keep snacking. This is gonna be a better option than the alternative popcorn that you had. This is just a cleaner one,
there’s less ingredients. So these are grain-free tortillas. So they’re not made, they’re
made from cassava flour, and they still have this fuego flavor. So hopefully this will be
a really good replacement for the other chips that you were having and, yeah, just more
nutrient quality in there. And then we also have these
little puffs of chickpeas. So this, again, that bean is gonna give you more fiber, more protein. Just anything that can
stabilize your blood sugar is a really good way
to think about a snack, ’cause then you can eat
less of it less often. I got you this Simple Mills
garlic and herb crackers. They’re gonna give you seeds,
some healthy fats, omega-3’s, and I also got you some jerky. This is a really good snack
because it’s a protein. So again, it’s not gonna
spike your blood sugar. It actually has real chicken
and real bison in it. No more natural chicken
flavor, we’re done with that. I got you two really exciting little treats that I wanna share. The first one is chocolate chips. It’s 60% cacao which is
something I look for, like 60 to 70%, that
way you’re getting more of the actual cacao bean
versus all the added sugar and milk that’s in a lot
of those milk chocolate. And then I also got you chocolate chips ’cause you like crunchy things. You get the satisfying little crunch with each chocolate
chip, and then finally, this is something I felt
guilty about shaming you on, I got you some Smart Sweets
Sour Patch Kid alternatives. – I’m so excited! – There’s not as much sugar in here, so they won’t be left over at the bottom. So when you’re done eating
it, you can get rid of it, but this is just something
I wanted to make sure that you had still sweet options, because healthy eating isn’t
about eliminating every gram of sugar and only eating vegetables, and fruit, and whole foods. It is about finding balance,
and finding moderation, and also including things that make you happy and taste good. So to add into some of the
things that we did grocery-wise, I wanted to bring you
some HUM supplements. The first one is our Raw Beauty. So since you’re already in the habit of drinking chocolate milk in the morning, this may be a good little
addition just to add in. You can just do a scoop
into your chocolate milk or you can do a scoop into
regular milk, shake it up, and it’s just another alternative. It’s gonna give you some
probiotics, some enzymes, some adaptogens, so this
is a really great addition. I also brought you Beauty zzZz. So if you have trouble
falling asleep at night, this is really great
’cause it’s melatonin. So what it does is it just
really helps you kinda get into that natural rhythm of sleep. So you take it 20 minutes before bed and it’ll (clicks tongue) knock you out. I brought you an adaptogen
blend called Uber Energy which just helps kind of regulate
the way your body responds to stress and also just how
you’re feeling energy-wise. So if you’re feeling like,
you know, you wake up, you kinda get your day
started, and you’re like, “Mm, I need just another little pep,” this is a great supplement to add in. And then, of course, the one that you were most excited about
was building muscle. – Yeah, I’ve gotta get swole. – Gotta get swole, so Ripped
Rooster is going to help you. This is a thermogenic
product so what it does is it just helps your body
more effectively burn fat. So in addition to all of the
diet changes that you’re making which are foundational,
and core, and so important, I wanted to make sure you had
a little additional support for your health in the
context of some supplements. So now that we’ve gone
through this whole process, what would you say your
biggest takeaway is? – My biggest takeaway is that it’s not that hard to change, you know? I knew that I had bad habits,
and I knew my diet wasn’t the best, and you’ve just given
me a bunch of small tweaks that I can definitely stick
to and improve my health, and I think once I start doing that, just everything else will be easier. It’s making that first step
that it’s the hard part. – Yeah, and I think it’s
really important to understand for you and anybody else out there that you don’t have to
go from your habits now to a 100% perfect healthy diet. Whatever you can do to make slow steps to get there is really, really important. So I’m really excited that we’re able to take the habits that you have and just slightly tweak them
so that you can keep building on that and create something
that really supports you. – Thank you so much. This has been amazing. – Yeah! Thank you guys so much for tuning in. If you like this video,
give it a thumbs up. Comment below with any questions you have, any changes that you’ve been able to make, and we will see you soon. (energetic music) – I don’t know where that one came from. I was like I’m on camera, I need muscles! (Sarah yells) (energetic music)