Hey, so my waxing kit from Tress Wellness just arrived I’ve never ever waxed anything before so this will be my first time and it’s an at-home spa kit, basically So I’m gonna open it up and check it out and see how it works So the box is a little bit beat up, but this is basically what it looks like All right, so let’s check out what’s inside the box and what it contains All right, so it says to pour the wax beans into the pot and then turn the temperature to max This is lavender flavor Doesn’t smell like lavender at all, but I guess it’s lavender color And we’ll just do like a little bit there so this is what it looks like All right, so right now let’s check it out Slowly melting. So it’s a beautiful lavender. I think the it’s not necessarily the scent per se. I mean, this is eucalyptus peppermint Tea green and lemon. I think it’s just the color. So it’s almost done Going to put on my gloves and get ready So I actually read that this is a protective layer that you put around here So it’s like this I’m just gonna put this little rim around it Next is the pre-wax wipes – reduce the pain while waxing. So this is to clean and moisturize the area I don’t think it’s gonna hurt but We’ll see Ouch woof. It’s kind of hot. Oh goodness. I’m not too good at this about. Ow ow! Oh it’s drying already, okay. Um, hold on. Let me Oh, let me let me do this again Put it on as fast as possible. Oh Ouch oh my god. Oh Goodness, okay. I think I’m supposed to just let it dry. Okay, it’s not really working too well, um but anyways Let’s just see how that goes It’s hard to I think I didn’t melt enough wax. I would actually recommend you just do the whole thing instead of me I just poured like half of it. Okay, let’s take this off now. Okay, maybe I didn’t wait long enough because it’s still like Ouch, let me just do it one more time so that you can see what’s going on It’s like really hot going on. Alright, I want you to leave a little fuzzies over here There’s like some like weird Fuzzy things anyways about to pull it off so you can see what and I’ve waited a little bit longer this time so that it can actually Dry And then we’ll see how it goes Okay, so it actually it’s actually hard to the touch right now over here woof, okay I’m pulling upward against the grain of my hairs Okay, not too bad Okay Ouch alright, so as you can see, um These little guys I don’t know if you can really see the hairs on there. I mean I can definitely feel it on my leg that They are That they’re gone. Alright, so this thing totally works. I it’s great I would actually probably recommend you have a friend apply it for you or somebody more advanced because or somebody who I don’t know knows how to apply it better because I feel like I Still have these little Things on my leg like I need to wash off. Oh, that’s right the after wax. Okay, so let me remove wax residues Okay, perfect. Oh, it’s a clear one. That feels nice and it smells nice too, oh that smells really nice Yeah it’s like a little bit oily a little bit scenty and Voila All done nice and shiny too shiny after effect so anyways all in all I think that this is a really great way to I’m really rich wax at home. It totally works very limited pain the heat up was super fast it took like less than a minute and They have all the products that you they have like I mean the after wax wipes like they have everything that you need that you could possibly think that you need So yeah, I would recommend it and it’s by Tress Wellness. This is their brand and Thanks so much for watching. Oh, my hands are so sweaty inside of these gloves