welcome back to the sultan's customer video series the focus of this video is how the Waterloo manner enhances aerobic bioremediation of contaminated ground water as oxygen gas flows through the Waterloo emitter tubing a concentration gradient is formed between the gas and the emitter tubing and groundwater let's zoom in and take a closer look in accordance with ficks law oxygen diffuses across the tubing from higher concentration in the tubing to lower concentration in the groundwater diffusion occurs until there is an equal concentration in the tubing and the groundwater however groundwater constantly flows past the emitter and the oxygen gas supply is steadily flowing through the emitter tubing replenishing the oxygen level therefore equilibrium is never reached molecular oxygen becomes available to the aerobic microorganisms that are present in the groundwater oxygen is critical for encouraging growth and sustaining the population of aerobic microorganisms the natural breakdown of chemical contaminants beat X for example by the aerobic microorganisms is stimulated over time the contaminant levels in groundwater are reduced through enhanced aerobic by our mediation thank you for watching please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments