okay for a fun warm-up and to do something different every now and again try some partner work with your one first and grab the noodle wraps around behind them they're taking their legs off the ground and going straight into with cycles the knees up by heels digging in and then their partner is running behind them so front person on the noodle is suspended their partner runs up behind grabs the noodle and go go go okay to make that a little bit harder for the person that's running the pushing person the person in front takes their legs out straight and now is propelling backwards driving with the side little flutter kick salutes ankle so that then then when their partner comes up behind them and tries to push them there's lots of resistance for the running person to push through the leg karate kick this is a very face we're not touching the ground toe is up belly button is squeezed in and the steady face kicking through text back and cut back kappa nice smooth cross-country high-energy cross-country so they're holding themselves up breaking through the middle if their arms out wide and not moving notes spinning through the upper body but just making sure they're gently landing on the floor after that we're going to take it into a scissor action so there's plus country stance and they're going to propel themselves off the floor if their left foot starts out in front then their left hook lands so they're crossing over crossing back push up and then push out and they're big 5mg exercise after that you can take it back into cross country suspenders so they tell themselves off the ground a little bit with that tivity and then with spend across country just saying like before so the last variation then for cross country is cross country statue so you're holding yourself up suspended in the water working one two three four five and then you're holding like this about two for three seconds and then crossing over again we require crosses and holding for three seconds racing through the ad make sure your posture is good and then hold that every every second time the other legs forward and you're bracing that when you're holding like except you remind your participants that they've got someone grabbing their front leg in their back leg and it's standing out far as they can you can do that with some bills and then again without some buildings is very challenging routine so now we're going to go through the touch jump leapfrog and rock and roll combination starting off with a tuck jump cueing add strong abdominals push them through you can cue them for ready on that move so you're going to jump it up high energy push through and then you can set it back on by reminding puppet sets that they can do such jumps we're only touching the floor with their heels which means they're engagement yet and lift being strong it's all do the same thing with the leapfrog start off low high over cut you're in set you can take that option again working the inside outside and sides and then pushing through with the arms working out in the opposite direction taking that into the low action arm good legs working out and ends together and then you can suspend that exercise if you want to get your person enjoying lifting their heart rate push through variation of that star just then is by keeping the feet out wide you can start low and just work in a clicking action that's the steady part of the routine and then if you really want to work hard get your placements and fall and click your heels like a ballerina straight legs bend your legs I'm landing and then really Drive so you're not staying on the floor you are then getting back down you're going back into a low star jump do you want to work your target first you can suspend them again once they've done that suspended then you tell them to keep their feet together you're taking it out into a little pike position to go out and learn it together out learning together and that's the city on part if you want to work hard tell them to stand tall and they go out into a pike strong an action push push push well keeping up in the world just loading it exhale with your new tricks down it commonly it's down to matrix information a little bit deals in the world you right now for our fun and challenging noodle routine we're going to start off with a loose grip on the noodle high elbows and we're tucking pushing down good posture touch it close with the noodle lift up push down it's up push down okay next noodle routine we're starting off with a basic drop it all with the noodle both sides swinging through from there we're going to make a little bit more difficult we're going to leave the noodle behind we're going to stretch the noodle out to stretch the arms out lift the hips and toes up and we're going to meet the noodles going to meet halfway touch your heels extend out touch your heel extend out really work in the abdominals but never rolling forward always staying on your back and push very challenging exercise it makes routine fitting on the Moodle you're taking your knees out in front you're suspended in the water and we're working your leg extension so one leg forward one leg back leg curl leg extension leg curl make extension ok so art last noodle workout is squeezing the noodle behind your back starting off we're using through strong squeeze the muscles between your shoulder blades and the patting out of WH even down there he's gone up with our standard rock'n'roll as demonstrated to school by John with then you can mix up Frankie abdominals and we're coming into your field OpenType simple cross-legged exhaling as you bring the lien keeping your team of what your participants on both drive change make and keep crunching green light the front bringing the belt under the name action they'll sign back at life wheezing benefit is happening then challenge of Sisyphus one bill other side of Pat Slaven imbalance of afterward and in your participants to help one of the bells away we're working with one bill only rollercoaster both legs come up take the ride under by the way very challenging