and now for something completely different [Music] hey fatty what is the snake diet the snake day is a prolonged fasting focused life style combined with proactive eating what the fuck does this mean okay first off fasting there’s two fasting protocols I fucking promote dry fasting where you basically nothing and drink nothing not even water or salt water fasting aka snake juice fasting where you drink water and fucking salt okay the salts we use their sodium chloride and potassium chloride okay you don’t need anything more than that okay it’s that fucking simple that’s fucking fasting prolonged what this means is an eye for long motherfucking bass not hours but days wheats and fucking months okay Proactive eating means you eat according to your goal okay we’ll get into that in a minute now the best way for me to explain all this shit is to just tell you stories and how I’ve had people fast and what kind of routines we’ve done okay so what is your goal now most people are going to fit into these three categories fat loss is gonna be like 99% of the fucking population performance and maintenance you could say as well and health so let’s talk fucking fat loss first so if you’re fucking fat you don’t need to fucking eat simple as that fat people don’t need to eat that’s where this prologue really comes in get fast as long as you fucking can okay you lose the guard down weight because health issues will follow weight loss as well these two go ahead and hat okay so one fella that I was helping he actually didn’t eat for 40 fucking days and he lost 60 pounds came on snakejuice he was drinking salt water okay so that is a very good example of a fat loss example so fast as long as you can rule the thumb if you’re not losing weight eat less and fast longer it’s that fucking simple drinking salt water okay number two performance now this is a little bit more complicated so once you’re the fat guy that’s basically now you’re ripped let’s say now you want to become a power lifter so you’ll start fasting for performance so some of the routines I have people doing one guy specifically that I’m coaching right now that’s a really high level bench presser he eats only on the nights before training days and on his rest days he doesn’t eat the night before so he’s still covering the prolonged fasting aspect because he’s doing at least one 48 hour fast every week okay that’s for health benefits that’s why I want at least 48 hour fast every fucking week and on any eating day you’re eating windows should be as small as fucking possible on the eating days okay now performance that’s where other shit’s gonna come in like when you start fucking around with your carbs okay if you want to be just extremely explosive in the gym you might crank your carbs up okay if you want to do just endurance sports you might find keep the carbs low just keep on the high fat kick okay so you’re still leading the fasting focus fucking lifestyle so you go from a fat ass to lean guy who now wants to be a fucking power lifter and you start eating accordingly obviously when you’re fasting for performance when you do eat you’re eating way more fucking food because now you don’t have all those fucking calories on your body fat anymore the fats gone okay so now you gotta get the calories in through food okay so you’re still fasting you’re always fucking fasting that’s the snake diet just depends on your fucking goal okay now let’s talk a health example here so a health example would be somebody that made and believed but maybe they have eczema or acne or some other bowel issue that’s where dry fasting really comes in but if you’re lean you might have to fatten up deliberately just to do the fast okay but if you’re fat then you’re fasting for health as for dry fasting the most aggressive that’s why it’s one of the main protocols I still push okay if you’re gonna dry fast though you want to plan it and you want to keep your fucking ass at home and you want to try to do 72 hour drive fast minimum that’s when you really get a true etapa G effect or your fuckin body just starts chewing up garbage on its own okay so your snake juice fasting most of the time unless you have a really bad health ailment you want to try to fix then you do more dry fasting try to incorporate some long drive fast every couple weeks okay that is it fat loss performance and health and you have a different fasting routine for all of them in the end your fasting as long as you can always but like obviously the performance guy like okay let’s say me I can only fast so long okay because I’m lean so the thing is what I do eat I gotta eat a lot and if I have a health ailment say if I have acne and I’m lean I have to deliberately try to fatten up but I’ll do it in a fucking smart manner and I’ll still eat like one massive meal and a tiny eating window to try to gain weight and then once I’ve gained enough weight then I think I can do a long fast then I’ll start the fast okay it’s about being proactive proactive okay now let’s talk some regular jobs so let’s say you are a fat loss person and now you’ve lost all the fucking weight and you just wanted like fucking live this active eating lifestyle so maybe you have a wedding on the weekend and you know you’re gonna fucking eat a big meal that day so what you do is baby fast before and fast for a long period after maybe you do a 48-hour before and a 48 after see in the end once you’re leading if your weight starts to creep up it’s just fast again you already know to lose goddamn weight it’s easy to fucking gain it that’s why the fat loss people I always tell them to undershoot undershoot what they fucking think their goal weight is if you think you should be this heavy fuck good even try to get lighter cuz you know what you can always gain the weight go get it like literally fast to the point are actually starving what you’re gonna fuckin be that’s gonna take you a long time take very few people even have the willpower to fast hard enough to where they’re actually the start in situation ok get fucking lean as fuck and then reevaluate ok and then fucking if you want to fuck if you don’t feel strong about weight then gained a little weight back it’s always easier to get fucking shredded and fucking lose a little bit of strength and then pop back up because then you know you’re capable of okay so low fat loss fast as long as you fucking can performance fast according to how you feel and how lean you are and how your fucking basic vanity performance isn’t the gym and whatever your sport you’re doing he’ll fucking basically fast as long as you fucking can try to incorporate dry fast if I can carry issues even more aggressively than simple water fasting on snake juice okay that’s the state diets that simple fasting focused lifestyles according to your fucking goal their goal is weight loss which most of you are fast as long as your motherfucking can and don’t fucking be a crybaby and get that fat in yeah 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