what's up guys in you got me here and let's go through sixty stamina judge rate on the Japanese version of one-piece treasure cruise that's right judge and once again judge continues a tradition of a lot of the earlier stages in this fight being way way way way way more annoying than the final stage in fact the hardest stages are definitely stages two and four that you are going to die mania mania times lines so stages two and four are super duper lots of fun and once you get take care of them you have an 11 million hit point boss that rounds or anything else and you like that you can use it or boost for so super fun we're gonna be using katakuri friend captain category is really really good later on you'll see me using a loopy A's team my ideal team for running through ASAP now we are a katakuri is not a powerhouse character even though we are using a powerhouse loosing captain that's totally ok cuz for a little while category is gonna doing all the heavy lifting and then later white beers gonna be doing a little heavy lifting these decks characters will bind your bind one character for 5 turns if they live and they attack every turn these red guys attack every other turn if you don't get them below 50% health if you gamble if it doesn't help they give you badly magic works as usual I just avoid that 50% health and take them out taking a little bit of damage here it's totally fine since it does give you a little more damage with your treasure map white beard captain stage 2 is the worst because not only do all three of these guys in the back row reduce your cooldowns or increase your cooldowns by 4 turns if any of them live on turn 1 so even if they're like this guy he's not attacking this turn he will increase your cooldowns by 4 turns each so if you don't kill even that's a 12th turning cooldown will increase you basically you're starting out over from turn 0 but auto target really really hates Turtles like Auto target just really hates Turtles and the luster and you can't really trust them sometimes they'll do it'll look like we'll be targeting one and two and a third hit we'll just go over to a turtle for no reason it just goes all wonky so take out uh but sucks okay I killed one of them it's okay now I get a zero now I get zero turn free special it's like this as base please turn one you could have killed two there this just means that we get a stall even more so now we'll kill this guy not gonna hurt the turtles too much and then we're gonna stall on this and because it's so much fun to stall I'll just see you guys after we get out of this stage stalled a little more on the turtles and a lobster you have a lot of hit points you can let your health get lower to totally fine since that does mean you get more damage from white beard we are also going to be taking a lot of damage on this stage so these three guys in the front we are actually going to be cutting our health which is nice I'm going to kill the seahorse now I'm gonna let these guys start cutting away at health so each one of those first turning on to cut away help they'll attack for about 3500 each so take those two I'll kill one of these guys while eating this recovery or so your recovery curve kill this one this guy will cut my health the other one will attack me and I need to stall two more turns at least if I take a double hit and then a single hit I think we'll be good so I'll take two hits right here for about 7,000 damage and then we'll take we'll take a single hit I think I might go take two single hits the lower your health can get remember white beard is um based off of how much health you have so I can't take another hit this is as low as I can get which is perfect because my Neptune is now ready good the lower your health the more damage you can do because Neptune I mean white beards cap nobility is based off of how much health you have is not below 30% you get the large booth is just the lower your health is more games you get sort of lower your healthy you can get them easier the rest of this will be we're gonna use Neptune first here because Neptune will get rid of that despair there's a sixth turn preemptive despair these three guys are going to help a random orb berry they'll all be a different color but it will be a different set of random colors here so there's gonna they're gonna randomly give you different colors if any of these three guys attack they will paralyze your entire team for two turns each if you delay em they won't paralyze you but if they do attack their first attack they'll skip their tech instead paralyze everybody for two turns so well teams that's really bad and we're easily using Neptune first as Neptune gives us that three turn or boosts and also gets rid of spare and then we'll use Whitebeard special to kill all the dudes on the outside you also could totally move your strengths characters on the right side here I have Neptune and Luffy on the right side you should put Sanji and nickel mushy on the right side so that way you have strength orbs now it's easier to kill this guy but it's fine we'll attack here wipe your does boost himself so he kills that guy himself really really easily and then we're on to judge judge has 11 million hit points he will prevent delay he will limit you to two specials per turn for ten turns and he's also going to have a one hit strength or barrier for 19 turns turn to or he basically does stuff whenever he attacks he will first cut your health give you bomb and block warps and also boost his defense for two turns that goes up to about a 200,000 defense boost and then he'll after that he will prevent you from give you no healing for four turns and boost his attack for four turns if you toxic him while he's toxic every two turns he's going to clear buffs so it looks like you'd be able to toxic him with a zombie team and kill him but unfortunately every two turns he'll get rid of that toxic kneel kill him if you like to use a zombie team using a shitty you sub totally works fine as soon as you get here just keep using Shi to you until you win absolutely fine because he does not revive and below 30% which is about where his the silver part of that one is right about there where judges head hits that one silver square that's about thirty percent health at third cent health pill blow away three random characters includes captain so any three random characters he can blow away but that is once again all these are on his attack so that makes category really really nice because katakuri by delaying him if you do more than two million hit points or two million damage in a single attack means that you can actually just bypass a lot of these things by killing them over to turn so we're gonna use Luffy to give us an affinity boost we still have one turn or boost from Neptune and we're gonna use nickel mawashi to give us all matching orbs and also give us a powerhouse type boost that boosts everyone except for katakuri and we're going to start on katakuri go through the rest our powerhouse characters and do a buttload of damage also I am using two zunisha ship if you don't have this initial ship that's totally okay you can use the regular you can just use the vanderdecken ship or whatever ship you have totally fines me ship just nice makes recovery and tandem count it's matching obviously and also makes us that what you're perfect so easier to hit turn to after that delay that means he doesn't do anything since like everything happens on his attacks category gives matching ores we already had it Santee gives us a tight boost and now we attack him in a kill him it's a good time good days not too bad fair number of free to play teams for this if you have the free spirit Brooks pray for strength Brook that gives me a fanny boost amazing amazing versus to this judge my team now I'm gonna use II to farm this a lot is a double Luffy a steam works great let's go over what judge actually does so judge is a Dex powerhouse striker character his captain ability boost the attack of red green and yellow characters by 2.5 times and boost their health by 1.2 times if you hit red yellow then green in that order just like legend well just like if hunk off alleging cart no not alleging GARP just like his monk of Volkov and cheeky legend cheeky the attack red then yellow then green then he will give you a three times attack boost where are you judge hey you are his special ability deals two hundred thousand fixed damage to one character reduces your damage taken increased damage taken chain multiplier limit and chain multiplier reduction by five turns so reduces all three a toes negative D bounce by five turns if you have three or more Dex characters then he boost the affinity of red green and yellow characters by two times so two types of fatty boost or a red green yellow character it's very very very good of course it does require three decks characters so you'll probably use them on a very Dex heavy team since he is a Dex character himself if you think of him just as a boost Dex character affinity boost by two times that's pretty dang nice two hundred thousand fix damage also and getting rid of some really nasty Dee bust is great his limit he goes up to four sockets and his limit break abilities are reduced quick damage taken which isn't too exciting and also sell orb bind reduction on himself which is a lot nicer but Judge very good especially on the new Legend jimbe team Oh either using him as a like using a free blue team with your judge and a friend new legend Jim Bay or using your gym a captain with a judge sub so nice gym page in base judge three decks characters right there gives yourself a affinity boost for the entire team and also gets RISM nasty view of the buffs so especially if you got new jinbei and the more we use new gym bait judge is just going to get better and better and better more teams after this guys I've been seeing only thank you so much for watching and you all stay beautiful [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]