what's up guys and you got me here and let's go through 50 stamina lkg blitz battle fight on the Japanese version one piece Veracruz LPG is Sai like the acai new version the best one to fight him with is of course using his opposite version so a guy new is great for algae algae is great for a guy new I'm gonna be using a 5 + Luffy team using a white beard ship so we have more health for our Bart so to heal us more driven characters are going to get silenced by al ki ji so we're gonna be using Bart oh and dopey on this stage for fights and we're gonna be using a rest on algae himself the stage 4 will give us one of two different fights this is a much better stage 1 the last time I don't want to take too many hits so let's go like this hit the grate it still kills someone because the kind needs pretty good a guy needs pretty okay I hear I hear don't forget that a guy knew end of turn damage whenever you're doing your attacks whenever you're trying to stall on things like these Turtles so you don't want to accidentally kill too many characters I want to get our stalls out nice and easily Auto target is not your friend as much as it tries to pretend like it is get all the heals you can keep your health topped off Stage three is going to be a huge pain for almost all team stage three like on the guy new fight is going to have six characters that can all have one turn attack timers that's what five plus new fees for we're gonna be using five plus would be on stage three he deals some damage delays them and gives an extra turn the guy in the very middle whenever he dies he's going to give you all block orbs and a lock three non captain characters for four turns so you're going to need level three anti bind get four three characters blocked for one turn each after your anti vying sockets and try to save int and strength orbs because we're going to be fighting a bunch of decks and side characters on the next stage I want to pass a turns thank you I don't remember if he has four hits or five hit points left will go ahead and kill him now so we get into here we're gonna use five plus Luffy right away deal some damage I want to kill I'm gonna kill these three and then this four turn guy leaves a two three turn guys alive so one sure that works to let the end of turn damage kill this guy three characters binded past this turn and then next turn we're gonna get rid of the rest of our block words so once again there are two different LPGs there's a dex lkg and there is a sigh out GG next fight they both have just under three million hit points Dex one is going to gain three turns a percent damage reduction the side one is going to gain three turns of damage threshold so for both of these guys we're going to basically taking three hits we want to use our bar two to get as much out of it as we can so the first heard we're just going to take a hit he's going to attack us for 7800 damage so look for healing or look for some recovery orbs if you can you're not gonna really be getting much damage off it's like a 90% damage reduction use your Barto after you're solidly below 50% Oh Dex incise sorry not Dex and means if you hit six perfect don't forget your kinda does quite a bit of damage doesn't do that much while he's a guy his barriers up but it's still a little bit more you can get him down to like 75% health of your hit and hards I'll take the healing the healing is very nice now that that's gone we're going to be using our dopey special LQG isn't going to be doing anything based off of his health so you get him down to 10% that's just fine don't forget that a kinda makes int and strength count as matching so we can put that there get to match awards are two strength characters hate a bunch of Perfect's and you might as well use your specials here actually GARP should be alaska's garbage stat and the acai no we'll finish him off that one million damage adds a lot of damage against LPG on the final stage he has eight million hit points he's going to attack her ten thousand he's going to clear buffs he's going to make us have badly matching orbs all primary color orbs are gonna count as badly matching for four turns so it's betting on how much help you have you might need to get some recovery orbs otherwise you can just hit your perfect do a million damage to him at the end of every turn after your perfect start cutting away as health you don't even need to be doing this damage I think you only need to do one hit of a million but on your first turn you should do is like 7.5 million so that 7.5 million damage is all that you need worst comes to worst you sit here looking from some recovery orbs that way you can tank these four hits that you need to take depending on how much damage reduction you have that's going to determine how much health you're gonna need don't get them below 50% below 50% he's going to prevent damage from Inked characters for 3 turns so we're making sure we stop above that 50% and then now after the badly matching orbs go away we're gonna be using our a guy new special well let's use our Sicilian special first shuffles our orbs cuts our health gives us attack a guy new gives us or boost a tackle you're not into characters and on your in characters and you'll easily kill him even without a guy news end of turn damage seven million damage if you didn't do any damage to him that sentimentally damage plus look I need one billion would perfectly kill him anyway so you don't have to attack those first turn so you're worried about getting him below 50% after revive he heals up to 2 million hit points which is 25% of his health or just under 25% and guard finishes them off no problem right now as of recording this video a guy news team is winning so farming LPG is really really good if you want to be on the winning side to get your free legend remember you only need to get one point to be on the winning team so even if you do 15 stamina one time that will put you on a guy news team as just make sure you go over to the event page especially as the event is ending click on here and click on the chopper button to go to the page I'll have to refresh the page here right if you haven't refresh the page make sure you close it out if you're on mobile and then open it again that will force a refresh because if it's already open it will just pull up the same thing we can see a guy new is ahead by 3 3 million 300,000 the guy is ahead by 300,000 points and I am now in the top 10,000 for a guy near the top 5,000 for LKG this is how many points you have and that's going to turn what team you on so right now I am on I mean yeah I am on Team al kg not team Akai new so if the event ends right now I won't get that free legend so make sure you have more points on whichever team is ahead so if team acai new is ahead up here which he is right now make sure your guy new has more points than your LPGs so that way you're on the right team and get that free legend I haven't seen you got me guys thank you so much for watching y'all stay beautiful [Applause] [Applause]