what's up guys Xena Gottman here we're gonna do the dirty stamina and 40 stamina Duval rates now I've been having a tough time with 40 stamina it would be possible using the T sub I'm doing right now but my team is a little low level so it's not possible for me to do it without jamming right now without getting some really lucky orbs the what we're gonna be doing a 30 stamina with the walk through they're gonna using a double gear 3 team with Alvida Corona mr3 and golden Tom you saw it's a lot of stall and a lot of damage reduction for Duval himself now Duvall is is the newest dex rate that we got on japan and we'll be coming up to a global eventually and since he is to actually want to bring that gear 3 gear 3 NLD to do extra extra damage to them you can also use what I was using last time I did this was a Rayleigh captain and Franky instead so it was gear 3 Rayleigh Frankie alveta going Punk Mustapha mr. 3 but with Perona and alveta you'll be able to survive Duval's attacked twice because Duval it does hit decently hard the first stage right here you gotta be really careful for these green girls these green girls are the worst ones because they will actually silence your friend captain for one turn if they get to attack you so this first stage the first three stages are very very easy you can get through them no problem just hit just same Joe's story stall as long as you can and then once you actually get to I'm just gonna get a great here great here I'm gonna save my food cuz stage 3 has 3 evolution units and we're gonna skull really hard on stage 3 1 2 3 now the key thing cool down this team is Perona piranhas will cut well I guess you can't read now printable reduced damage by 90% just like alveta and cut their armor away on 40 stamina this stage has a lobster a turtle and a crab and 3 minions so you want to take out the minions first the lobster it hits pretty hard so in order you want to take out the three minions two lobster and then stall on the turtle in the crab try to take out the lobster on the turn that he would attack you so that what you can stall as you can I'm just gonna take these three attacks here I'm gonna take damage from the turtle so I can heal it up on my next attack one two three I'm gonna heal and I'm gonna heal all right between the turtle on the crab they do pretty similar damage so it doesn't really matter which one of these two you take out but after you are if you are doing 40 stamina you do want to take out the lobster first of the three evolution units because the lobster hits for 2500 damages so if I remember on 2500 to 3,000 or so damage cannot remember exactly how much heat is the other big cooldown we're looking for is we want to look for getting golden Punk musab ready for stage 4 stage 4 is a huge make-it-or-break-it stage on Duval it is ridiculously hard right now mostly because of the auto targeting so if you guys have played one-piece characters you know that all the targeting is a dumb dumb person at a lot of times and the way that when we get to stage 4 we'll talk about again but it's it's a pretty bad setup as a four this is stage 3 on 40 standard you're going to get an elder seahorse here the pirate penguin over here and then three units up front the elder seahorse you want to take down first he has 6 hit points so use your golden pumpkin you saw hit stage hit the elder see your sand I'll take it out right away and then you want to take out anything in order of what it attacks you could get really bad cooldowns here and have like the elder seahorse the penguin and 2 or 3 units off front all attacking in one turn so this stage could like it could be really very bad if using a gear 3 or gear 3 Raley team the penguin will also throw up an armored debuff and he hits on on 40,000 hits for 4,500 damage so do not stall on the penguin thinking oh it's an evolution unit I won't be taking that much damage the penguin hits stupid hard 1 2 3 dun dun once again we won't be looking for food we can the a lot of the second minions here they will like to change it warps to bother orders they don't do all your orbs so it's not too much of a hassle just trying to get rid of them and look for food orbs when you can so I'm not killing him I want to stall out I'm gonna do one two three and then try to heal twice one two oops – I'm gonna attack here with a perfect and heal here now in stage four the 40 and 30 stamina die yeah a forty seven and thirty seven Duval stage four looked exactly the same Duvall you a pre-emptive attack changing all your orders to bother orbs and he'll always have one to turn cooldown with all his minions and outside having one turn cool down now here's a key key point is that these three girls in the back will silence your friend captain if they survive so it doesn't matter if they attack I'm going to use golden tongue who's up here because I want to get piranhas cooldown ready for dewfall once we get there mr. three will use on Duval because Duval athlete berserks and will remove the debuff once we get there so these three girls in the back will actually it's one survives and chances are one will survive because we're using a key gear 3 team and all the targeting the worst part is it always wants to hit these two guys up front first so wait all the target work you'll go one two and then three four five in the back so if you do manual targeting you'll actually go here here then Duval so we actually have to manually target all three girls in the back to try to kill them all at once and if you that you'll be much much easier but it's quite annoying too in fact in order to do this stage I've set it up so that way if you're using droid 4x you can use keyboard shortcuts and so I've actually put keyboard buttons on my screen just to be able to hit the girls in the back and be able just manually change targets so now we get those three down it is a lot easier if any of those three survived even if they're stalled they will lock your captain your friend captain for one turn each which of course ends up being three turns total if all three of them survives which is as you can guess quite a pain Duval also puts on a poison for you if you're doing 40 stamina the poison will hit you for the poison hits you on 40 stamina for 700 damage every turn I don't want to kill you ball make sure I leave him with plenty of health because I want to look for food as much as I can Duval will eventually berserk and then you have to kill him if you're unfamiliar desert what desert does is it changes the characters attack pattern to attack every turn instead of what they used to do hello Duval Duval will do a pre-emptive attack and silence both of your captains on 40 stamina he will preemptively attack four 5100 so it's it's not something to scoff at it's a lot of damage I will be able to survive two turns here I don't have gear three captains so I will just it doesn't matter if I hit my perfect or not I'm just trying to heal boom um I'll now I guess I shouldn't just kept both words these guys would heal heal themselves back up that's why I shouldn't have just kept that red orb this turn Duval will actually attack for once again the same amount of damage which is 3102 so on 30 cm over 5150 on 40 stamina Perona is what you want to use first if you are bringing her otherwise you want to use alveta if you can to eat this first attack what piranhas does she'll reduce armor and I'll make it a lot easier to actually hit new vault I'm gonna try to I'm gonna hit the guys in the back first either way either way you want to do it both will work one two three that can heal kill this one and kill the next one most like I would have killed you ball in one turn there but now we've got two more turns and it's a nice easy kill in Duvall using this team because double geared three would do a lot of damage now so if Duvall gets under 50% health he will lock your three of your key crew members for you'll walk through your crew members for three turns or no for one turn to lock three random crew members as same thing on 40s downhill lock three random crew members I've got bad orbs again which is not good at all but next turn I want to get him low and next round I'm gonna kill him perfect now his armors gone I take him out one gear three special to hear three specials and I'll beat a just-in-case cuz I if I mess up my third perfect I can still heal with my gear 3 and lvl 2 survive the turn so this is only 30 stamina that I'm doing right now let me not talk while trying to hit these three perfect oops well I guess I ended up healing anyways here's his under 20% and he lost three characters and that's me dying uh so wonderful wonderful that's even with I'll beat especially really I was really hoping to get him not to under 30 percent I'm not gonna use a gem here because you basically get the idea of the video isn't it wonderful to see a walkthrough video where the person dies um 40 stamina is I've actually not been able to clear for you stamina without a gem some other suggested teams are double blackbeard bringing jozu and Marco jozu to eat a turn jozu is just prevents with damage for one turn on Duval here and with double black beer or double kuma you can peel back to full with a Marco special and you can also use gear 3 gear 3 helmeppo with likes strong will Franky also so gear 3 gear 3 helmeppo he'll nipple is there to once if you launched your characters you can use helmet will to try to unlock anyone well that's it for now good luck with Duval once I get a if we get a team that can clear Duval 40s and consistently will try to show that off but a lot of my difficulty is that the team that I'm trying to use for Duval has pretty low levels as he micro is only level 29 none of my characters are max my straw my bootys only level 47 so good luck guys and you'll stay beautiful experience is how much it gives you one two three good good good perfect very very excellent let's do it one two three of course now I hit my perfect of course of course now we get our perfect and that's the video there you go guys see all you gotta do is hit your perks and then you kill him instead of dying like we did before