yes, yes Good Morning, Alexis good morning I don’t people to see me with my mushroom head I’m going to just throw these on really quick. Why is the tea kettle up here?
Oh, I needed the hot water. that’s part of your routine? Shh. Don’t wake up the baby. You gotta hurry. It’s already 6:23 and we just started. Who’s that? Ya Ya Is Ya Ya pretty? Hey Reeves. Ya Ya pretty. Ya Ya, upstairs. School bus! I’m going to get Alexis at the bus stop
she texted me I don’t know if she broke any rules to text me cause they’re not
supposed to have their phones and stuff I assume she’s already on the bus
we’ll see I’m gonna walk up and get her oh there’s her bus maybe her bus maybe not her bus
it’s totally her bus Thank you. how’s it going? Good
do you want to walk under my umbrella? Oh, Thank You! You’re welcome. Hellow! Tell me how it went it went well for some reason
I have walking for wellness Yeah, what’s that about? I don’t know it wasn’t even. . . Are you ill? No. Well that is good. Very funny
but I’m like okay so when we. .. so the year before we choose what we want on
our schedule and so last year we’ve got a confirmation paper that was like okay
these are all the classes you’re gonna take next year and so now’s the time to
switch them right walking wellness wasn’t on that walking wellness wasn’t on it
if it was on there would have switched it interesting, so. . . I talked to other people and this has
happened to them too like stuff that they didn’t ask for like was not even in
their recommendation sheet at all is now on their schedule maybe they thought
that it wouldn’t hurt you to have it or something. but the thing is is that I don’t need
walking wellness what are you missing an art credit I need an art credit Alright,
well hopefully we can get this sorted and plus walking wellness is boring all you do is
walk sometimes they go for Froyo but I’m not doing that sometimes. Well that’s odd. Now I’m home I have
a lot of textbook see and you thought it was odd that Maeve was gonna have an
empty backpack and I was like what about those books and then sure enough she got some books. I didn’t think that I would get this many books. I have an indentation in my shoulder because I have so many books. What’s sad is that I come home later, so I have less time to do things. Like change and eat a snack. Ya Ya! Hi, Reeves! School Bus! School Bus! You’re going to have to keep that class huh? I don’t know Maeve was like I didn’t ask. . . she got. . . So I talked to a lot of people and they were like: I got a lot . . . I got a class that I didn’t even ask for Maeve did too. She didn’t request for theater arts
but she got it anyways and so. . . um. . . uh. . . so. . . she should have like put the seven reasons that you
have to choose from to switch classes are so dumb and she’s like do you know my
mom and I was like do you know my mom and then I was like moms can be really
scary and she was like yeah so I think she’s gonna tell her mom and they’re
gonna go talk to the school about it Cause I don’t want to take a useless class
that’s a waste of my time What class is she in? Theater Arts. She didn’t
ask for Theater Arts she already took what isn’t that the
same time that you have walking for wellness no I know someone have who had
AVID and they didn’t even ask for avid or I know someone
who’s in journalism but they didn’t ask for journalism but they are in journalism
anyway so family shot you say thank you Thank You. you’re talking with a potato in your
mouth boy. Hi Ya Ya. Hi Reeves. Hi Ya Ya. Hi Reeves. sit down sit
down. Daddy! Sit you butt sit your butt. Sit down. Daddy. Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy. Hey Reeves. Ok, so tell us about about your first day scoot scoot right
here um so my first day was pretty good my makeup looks great. you did a great job.
thank you even though I didn’t get any mascara on so I feel like. you look
great! Do your first day. okay um so got a lot of compliments on my dress and my makeup
and a lot of people notice my hair and a lot of people like my piercing. How’d they
even see it covered by your hair? Cause we were talking about what we did this summer
and also. I got these. oh yeah oh yeah I had to like push it
back and they were like whoa and I was like mm-hmm
so like okay um Reeves let go. Let go. Okay so on the bus let’s start on the bus cause
the bus was actually kind of interesting so there were a lot more people on the
bus because there were the freshmen right um let me think what else so we
were talking so one thing that was really that we talked about with that
when we get to school we’re all gonna be like oh my gosh hey I haven’t seen you in forever
and I was telling Bella like even the people you saw soccer
just yesterday you’re gonna go up your be like oh my gosh I haven’t seen you in forever oh my gosh and
that’s exactly what happened