We walk a lot every day. At least I hope we do. And at the base of each of those steps are movement patterns that all of our joints
and muscles have to do in order for us to take all those steps without getting hurt, without overuse. So I’ve got a couple of little exercises that might help you step better, do whatever it is you want to do, walk more, take hikes, run 5Ks. This is where it starts for all of it. First is just learning how to transition our
body forward to backward. So we’re going to come in, we’re going to tap our toe, we bend that knee. This is where we would go into
what we call deceleration, like stopping if we needed to, but also getting ready to
move through on the next step. So we come here, then we’re going to come back and I want you to just go slow with me. Here’s what we’re looking
for while we do this. Just feel the transition, bending the leg, getting up nice and tall, the level change. If your knee’s diving in, if your foot is arching over, if you’re feeling any pain, that’s a discovery that you might want to
talk to your doctor about. So this is slow. We could really slow this down and really challenge our balance and really challenge that
gait pattern if you want. And if you do that a
couple of times a week you’re going to get strong and really confident with the gait. Now if you want to speed it up, come up and back. We bend that leg, this starts to burn, heart rate starts to go up. A lot of cool things start
to happen, both legs. The next one is what I call just a little bit of a rocking horse. We’ve shared it before. I want to show you how to use it to make our walking better. So we come up to start, we actually get that foot off the ground, we come back and get
this foot off the ground. If we need a wall or
something sturdy next to us just do this with me. I want you to feel your body come back, load this backside heel, ball of your foot, come back, ball of your foot, heel. Ball, heel to ball, ball to heel. So it’s that transition. This is how we walk. This is how we gait. If you want to make it a
little more challenging, you can actually hop into it, as long as the knee stays over the ankle over the shoelaces, and
you don’t feel pain. Same thing on the other side. You can switch through, hop up, hop back. You do this for a couple minutes before you go for a walk, before you go for a run. You start to prep the ankles, prep the knees, prep the hips. (fingers snapping) Go have some fun.