oh how about upper body blast we did lower body blast we've got to hit that upper body come on guys we're talking to the arms Oh everything though you know their whole trunk the arms we can get it in on the walk okay here's your beat walk walk walk walk walk it's a brisk beat so I assume you have a little warmup yeah good all righty we got to keep those arms in great shape we need them strong we need them toned we need them firm hey you can do some light weights if you'd like to you have two pounds three pounds even a five pound in each hand you're okay if you keep them controlled okay and for three hey guys just a sidestep here come step out there you go out together out together out together out together let's just go four and three and two walk walk walk walk walk we go back to what hey guys reach above your head it's an overhead press all we're gonna do is reach to the beat ready like this it goes up and up and up and up so overhead press come on arms all the way up here we go through to the fingertips if you have light weights I want you to keep them controlled reach come on arms four three two walk walk walk walk walk good side steps coming back for more counters four and three and two now step out to the side out together out together now just the chest press so just push to the front every time you step out push push push good bend those knees as you can get thighs fire it up tummy tuck give yourself that good core stability pull the tummy back now press press this is a chest press push push push push push four more here goes forth here goes three walk walk walk walk walk you got it good mini squats coming up guys walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk mini squat here it comes just bend down okay and let's go with a little bicep curl yeah that's it sit down and then give it a little squeeze for the bicep please sit squeeze there you go down up down up squeeze come on arms give him a good curl curl 4 3 2 walk walk walk we walk nice good job walk walk walk kickbacks are coming if we open our feet up we can get to get back easier this way here's 4 & 3 & 2 now kick back guys lift the heel lift the heel lift the heel just a little bit sit into it good now triceps we can get them to wake up by simply our foam pushes back good so just open up that hand and push back every time the heel comes up and push and push push push push push push push push back push back push back four more counts four three two and always back to a walk good job everybody and next beat comes up same thing the more we keep our arms into it my goodness you have multi muscle walking yeah yeah yeah I know when you love that beat coming up yeah good job everybody pump it up is right go side steps are coming ready single side step let's go let's go let's go hey guys a lateral raise when get into the dose the shoulders but I want you to think it's just a little more controlled I'll show you one then join me just go out and back out and back out and back that's it out and back you can oh look over there and see that the elbows about 90 degrees there you go this is a lateral raise you're hitting the top of that shoulder there you go little into that upper back that's all you have to do is open them up close them up open and close there you go up and down just level with the shoulders here's four here's three here's two there's one walk walk walk walk walk – nice have a shapely shoulder – yeah it looks so nice walk walk walk and we need to keep our shoulders strong how about that we want them to look great but I want them to be strong and healthy keep the pace walk walk walk tap outs coming everybody four and three and two if you just touch the floor you touch it and touch and touch and touch good and we're gonna just follow the feet like this and again a little tricep action push push push push if your pan is opened up palm just pushes back push push back there you go extend the arm call on the triceps the back of the arm four three two walk walk walk walk you got it now good we're gonna do side step moving up four and back for doing it four and three and two so it's side stuff you can keep it easy at first and then we'll build it up that's it four and three and two and one if you have a lot of room at home stretch out those legs if you don't have a lot of room you never worry about that just keep it small keep the pace and you've got it that's how you get fit three and four come on step out a little wider three and four come on go go it's just a side step now back up you got it okay arms go out together out together out together out together back it up there you go four nice so four two one four three two last time four three nice nice nice chicks are coming four more counts for three alright now I'll kick on this side any leg will do just give it a good kick stay long in the trunk good job opposite hand reach reach just press the hand out straight ahead just press it press press eight more eight seven six five four three walk walk walk walk good all the way guys double side steps are coming for more counters four three two double sidestep just get those legs dig'em in all you have to do is step out keep that beat out together out together out together out together out together out together one more out together out together walk walk walk we're back to walking upper body overhead press all it is is a reach reach reach reach good Oh top ten is comin healthy life tips healthy life tips were at number nine reach reach let's hear that mystery Leslie don't roll it back and reach everybody chest press just press yes press here we go Oh guess what it is you'll just don't giggle now lower your standards and you know what I mean you've got to lower your standards on some things in life push hey guys tricep coming up push push two more now tricep is this push back push back push back push back you have to say hey it's Mike laundry more important than my healthy body now answer that question it's not right what do you do you say I'm gonna work out first and do my laundry later if you make that shift there will you'll you'll never look back you will say I will never again say oh that mean you know do my household things before I work out you'll never miss a workout you'll have a healthy body and I bet you have the best laundry ever in the world come on don't you worry about that your help can't wait make it first fixers coming give me four more guys four and three and two okay here come kicks keep them strong and kick kick and kick and kick and kick kick and kick kick just four more go four three two walk walk walk again we walk mini squats guys mini squat here we go oh hey and just lateral raise up down up down up down up down good lateral raise shoulders four three two and walk walk always back for walking nice listen when those arms you're involved you can really see the difference – you'll see it makes a difference in the workouts get your calorie burn up and you'll start to see you spoke to see that good sculpting okay nice job I want you to keep walking if you are not done with your workout you can skip to the cooldown if you are done with your workout okay but you did it set up your body boss nice job okay oh I love to Train the arms you know why boy you can get muscle definition your arm really quick really within the you know a couple of weeks you start to see wow how good the arms look okay the classic exercise is still the best bicep curls alright guys all you do is pull the weights up just curl the arms so easy I have five pound weights you can use really light weight three pounds that's really like eight pounds that really starts to challenge the fives are a good way to start I believe but if you need a little lighter weight threes are good just keep going don't worry about your counts I just pay attention to when that muscle gets tired then I know it's gonna get leaner it's gonna get stronger bicep curls just curl lower smooth and controlled movement with strength training you don't want momentum you don't want jerky fast movement smooth and control two more I feel the fatigue it doesn't take there it is there's a nice set give it a quick rest I want to alternate just for a little more intensity so all we do is raise one and lower raise the other side and and raise lower rate lower raise lower raise lower raise lower one more on this side one more on this side and we're gonna finish with double just give me four two three and four isn't that awesome if that's easy for you go to a heavier weight okay all right now we're gonna take the weights all the way up or the triceps the back of the arm all this is is an overhead press there's an extension that's overhead French press extend the arms extend the arms you've been about 90 degrees and then bring the weight back up always remember that for stabilization especially when we have our weights in this position so draw the belly button back I'm going about two more from here take a break anytime you need it and build up to this okay slow breathing down take a quick break we're going back up for one last step here it comes then then Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben one more Bend extend and lower back down you work those arms biceps and triceps good job okay great exercise for your chest your back all the muscles of the upper body let's see some modified putting ups then we'll alternate those with a back exercise okay all you want to do tighten up your core that's the number one thing we do is take the belly button back to the spine and you set that stable core give your glutes a little squeeze and you're in a perfect position your hands are right under your shoulders just lower down and push back lower down push back lower down push back even two or three oh my goodness it uses so much muscle of the upper body it gets the back of those arms trim and toes just do two more one more time don't even worry about counting you don't have to worry about how many you do the goal is simply to get the muscle to be tired and that's when you know it's going to change it gets slimmer and sleeker okay we're back we're on all fours all I want you to do first is raise your back leg now the opposite hand raise and hold very good bring that back down same thing opposite opposite hand hold tighten the tummy bellybutton goes toward the spine and you've got an engaged core bring it back switch sides were holding again four three two bring that back let's go right into another set of modified push-ups lower down push back lower down push lower down push lower down push back hey they're just a few more push no one one more time one more time push it back very good come on up to all fours opposite hand opposite leg switch side opposite hand opposite leg and that's awkward back if you get it chest them back