exercise. It is going to bring
together public health and public safety agencies to
respond to a large-scale public health emergency. It is going to
be a multi-state, multi-jurisdictional Anthrax
release. Our response to a bio-terrorism incident like
this, we would be opening up a POD or Point of Dispensing. It
is our ability to rapidly distribute medicines to the
public. On July 19, from 10 a.m. to 12 pm at Lake Braddock
Secondary School, we will be opening up a POD there. The more
volunteers we have coming through our POD site at Lake
Braddock Secondary School, the more realistic it is goin to be
for our staff. In this type of response, we would need to
dispense very quickly to all of our residents, so it allows our
staff to get their ability to be accurate and quick. Exercises
provide us the opportunity to train our staff and give them a
real-world scenario with a little bit less real-world
pressure. So they get training, they get the opportunity to see
what it would look like, what their responsibilities would be
in this response. But they have the opportunity to learn from it
and provide additional feedback on our processes that exist and
maybe make changes to those processes.