vívosmart 3 is making it easier to monitor your fitness over time by estimating your VO2 max. By analysing your heart rate, as measured at your wrist, the device learns more about how your body performs, more specifically, the maximum rate at which your body can bring in and use oxygen. The resulting score, your estimated VO2 max, is a scientifically recognised assessment of your body’s physical fitness. Why should you care about VO2 max? Because it’s a relatively quick way to understand whether your current fitness level could use some improvement, or if you’re headed in the right direction. Does climbing stairs now feel a little bit easier? Your VO2 max is probably improving. With vívosmart 3, determining your VO2 max is easy. It’s automatically measured whenever you perform a timed activity. If you haven’t recorded an activity, daily heart rate data will be substituted instead. This measurement will be less accurate, but still perfectly usable as a starting point. To view your VO2 max, wake up your device… then tap and hold on the display to bring up the menu. Scroll down and tap on the VO2 max icon. If you haven’t already gone for a timed activity, the first time you see this feature on the device, you won’t have a VO2 max recorded. You will be prompted to go on a walk, of up to 15 minutes, in order to determine one. You can always come back to this later, if you like. If you’re ready now, tap Test Now. Then tap on the walking icon. A prompt will appear. Double tap to start the test, and a timer will appear. Now just go for a walk. The device will let you know when it has collected enough data to calculate your VO2 max. It may take up to 15 minutes. When the test finishes, you’ll be prompted to save the activity. Then your VO2 max will be displayed. The higher the number, the better. View your score on Garmin Connect mobile or desktop for a little more information. It’ll show your measurement and where you are relative to others in your gender and age group. Thanks for watching. If you’re interested in learning more about the fitness monitoring features available on vívosmart 3, watch the other videos in this series.