So the Health and Wellness Center is really
a gift to us. Our mission is to help folks be well, get
well, stay well and this allows us to address all of the needs of the patients. In the other building, we were spread out
so we had physical therapy, we had dental, we had primary care, but folks were not going
to all of them because they didn’t even know that we had them. And here, even in our patient family advisory
council, patients are telling us that, “Oh, my mom needed physical therapy and I didn’t
even know you had it.” And so they were able to bring folks to care
for all of their needs in one spot and they really, really appreciate that. In this building we have physical therapy,
we have dental services, we have podiatry, foot and ankle, we have primary care, we have
added some extra services into our primary care. So, we’re able to have a food pantry for folks
that struggle with a chronic disease that perhaps cannot control their diets because
of poverty here and they can get access to fresh fruits and vegetables and staples as
well. It’s so amazing when you walk in and, first off,
when we saw the facility and it was empty it was beautiful, but when all the patients
were in it, it was even more amazing and what is beautiful about it is the diversity here,
you can hear all different languages in the waiting rooms. We’re able to talk with people with our interpreter
services, and so we’re able to serve the entire community in this facility and it’s been a
wonderful experience. The compliments we’re getting are how spacious
it is, how beautiful it is, how much they appreciate it. How great it is to be able to park so close
and just how they don’t expect it. Just how blown away they are as to when they
walk into here what it looks like. They’re not used to high ceilings. They’re not used to brand new places. And they’re overwhelmed, actually. They’re just overwhelmed and thankful. They just keep saying, “Thank you.” Over and over again. “Thank you.”