[Music] [Amanda Robinson:] So in our Makerspaces we
have six different pods. Our areas of focus are digital media, AR/VR,
low tech, no tech, engineering design, circuits and electronics and then co-botics. Which co-botics is a combination of both coding
and robotics. [Joe Manning:] Students go in and typically
the first day they have a challenge. They brainstorm that challenge, they design
a solution and then present it to their peers. [Peggy Brubaker:] They are using critical thinking,
they’re collaborating and they use their own voice and choice, so they have a lot more
student ownership of what they do in here. [Luke:] I like Makerspace because it’s just
like where you can get really creative the most in the school, and it’s just really fun. This is my favorite thing so far. [Joe Manning:] As a teacher, my first thought
was finally we get to engage kids on their level because the best part is it equalizes
all the kids in the room. [Amanda Robinson:] You have students that maybe
are not successful in a traditional learning environment. Yeah, they’re the students that maybe struggle
with reading or struggle with math, but they’re really thriving during Maker time. [Peggy Brubaker:] The design process will also
help them in their future careers. Every student at Amanda Elementary gets to
come here from kindergarten to fifth grade, and they all love it and they all excel further
than a lot of times we expect [Joe Manning:] As a parent, I have a two-year-old
daughter, so I love the fact that Middletown has the Makerspace because if I wanted my
daughter to experience STEAM, or to have that opportunity to be creative, to build those
skills, because I know there’s much more to education than reading, writing, math, and
science. [Amanda Robinson:] I feel that Middie Makers
and Makerspace learning has been a game changer for our students. [Joe Manning:] Makerspace is one of the most
positive things that I’ve engaged with since I’ve become a teacher seven years ago, and
it’ll only make the district better. [Peggy Brubaker:] It’s the Middie Modernization
Movement live.