hello there I’m chef Johnny this is
Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine appreciate you stopping by today got
another great dish for you we’re gonna make up some tacos we’re gonna make deer
tacos with a spicy jicama slaw so stick around and let me show you how to make
this great taco you see I’ve got a nice venison backstrap here it’s been
butterflied normally I do not butterfly my backstraps but this one killed it
right the end of a weekend didn’t have time to process it myself so we sent it
into the shop got it processed and ah you’ll see it was butterflied out like I said
normally I leave a hole because there’s so many more different things you can do
with them but they’re gonna work great I’m gonna show you how we cut these up
real quick we get those marinating then we’re going to work on that jicama slaw
you can see where they left all the sinew and everything on it when they
butterfly them it’s just a fast and easy way for them to get it off of there I’m
just gonna take that meat off of there and try to just get rid of the sinew on
it all right just like that and now these
pieces I’m going to take and I’m just gonna cut them just like that we’re gonna cut some thin pieces it’s
not gonna take long at all for this to cook and again just back in here slice it off
the sinew so those you hear that called silver skin right now take that drop it in a bowl what i gunna do now is just cover this with my
fajita seasoning and this is mine ah if y’all want it you can I’ll leave it down
in the description box below the video and y’all can get that recipe but l’d
say less than a tablespoon I’m just going to toss that in it took this jicama and just sliced it into little stick cuts oh they’re somewhere between the julienne and a
battonet kind of from a eight inch to a quarter inch real kind of inconsistent
from their sizes but just a rough stick figures on there and what I’m going to
do is with those is let me show you what I’ve got here is is the juice of one
lemon and I;m gunna add just a little bit of adobo sauce in here and that’s just
chipotles in adobo I don’t have any of the peppers I just have somebody
adobo sauce probably half a teaspoon maybe in the juice of one lemon think I might have got just a little piece of pepper in there but not a lot just enough to add a
little flavor stir that up bring my jicama back I’m gunna drizzle this
right over the top of it now add a little chopped cilantro in there now you could do a quick pickle on this
if you wanted to and you’ll use it you’ll get your half cup of lemon juice
or lime juice and you could always put some vinegar with you like a quick
pickle I just want a light coating of the the citrus and the Chipotle on there
I’ve got that come back sprinkle some salt in it jicama slaw is done set it to
the side to let it be marinating in its dressing and we’ll start cooking this
meat up as I say very very simple recipe I’m
gonna take a little olive oil spread it out on my black stone here now if you
wanted to you can do this in a frying pan any skillet would work flat top if
you have one in the house ah griddle have you want to do it but let’s put a
little oil on the top of this now let’s take a deer meat been marinating in our
fajita seasoning put that right on the top
you hear that starting to sizzle this doesn’t have to be cooked just a
whole whole lot so be careful don’t over cook it mmm that smells good let me tell you
smell that fajita seasoning in there that cumin and garlic and everything
that we have on that meat is just starting to come through this hot oil is
really bringing the aromas off this is smelling very good take this go do a
turn with it so we get a flip on there and now they add a little flavor
I’m gonna take some pico de gallo and I’ll put a link for my pico de gallo
down below got a video of my daughter actually making it with me so we’ve got
cilantro tomato onion and jalapeno going in we just want to keep cooking this or
get it try to get it till our vegetables are tender our meats cooked almost all
the way through don’t want to overdo it that looks good I think I’m gonna take
it off good right there on my plate some of y’all know I’m on a low-carb
diet so instead of using the tortilla today I’m going to use this slice of
jicama they’ve taken a big jicama I’ll try to
get a picture of one on there and show you but these you can buy them in the
store down here at HEB but they slice them real thin if you have like a meat
slicer or something you can probably do the same if not you can do lettuce wrap
or something like that but I have actually toasted these on the flattop
before with it but today I didn’t do that but we’re gonna use this jicama and
we’re gonna put some tacos together put a slice of my jicama in for my son we
used tortillas but for the wife and I we’re gonna use jicama tonight so there’s our meat now on top of my meat I’m just gonna
take a little bit this pickled jicama with cilantro on it it’s going to be a nice crunch
to this taco let’s come back with a little more fresh pico on top if you wanted to add salsa to this I tell you what my salsa quemada look for that
recipe it would work great on here if you’re on the diet that recipes got just
a little bit of sugar in it so replace it with Splenda or don’t add it in but
those are some beautiful tacos right there so folks here is a jicama you see
how we got those big slices out of it but it’s just a big root and up they’re
low carb so you can have them not like a potato and they’re not starchy is what I’m
trying to say but um very fibrous so you can have those on a low carb diet on a
keto diet something like that but uh I’m on the Roger Raglan diet if ya have’nt heard
about it Roger Raglin outdoors he lost a little over 80 pounds in less than five
months and so around my age I thought hey a guy around the same age to me
could do it it would probably work out so I tried that so far so good I’m down
about thirty pounds now feeling a lot better
my feet are a whole lot better but that’s a jicama that’s what it looks
like I’ll give you a close-up of it so you see that but we’re going to sample
this taco here see how it turned out it’s gonna I tell I know that this is gunna
be booming with flavor even though we didn’t use a flour tortilla for my wife
and I my son’s gonna have flour tortillas her and I are gonna have these
jicamas what can I say man it’s just booming with flavor that that
jicama slaw gives you a really nice crunch on top of that taco so you have
the tender back strap off that deer that I harvested last year and you’ve got the
pico de gallo in there that was cooked in with your meat gave a lot of a
lot of flavor the fajita seasoning which I’m gonna give you all that recipe
it’s gonna be down below in the description box so would you got that if
you wanted to use some que ah salsa quemada and what that is that’s burnt quemada is
burnt so my roasted tomato salsa that would work fantastic also but tacos
came out fantastic great diet food ah going to work great on any any of those low type carb diets that your on so fantastic hope you give it a try appreciate you
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