They would just just tell me about
what they eat at home, what they would like to see on the menu, and I said I
have a great idea: what if we had a mini- vegetarian food show tasting for the
students? We were just talking at lunch and
then we realize that the food wasn’t there, so we just decided to go to Mr.
Stowell, our principal. And he told us hey write a persuasive essay and I’ll pass
it on to the director of nutrition. I received a letter from a student of how
they want to have more vegetarian options. It said it’s him group of his
friends that really want more vegetarian options on the menu. So, I looked at last
year’s menu, I looked at this year’s menu and all I see is veggie burger and
cheese. Like, yeah, that’s pretty bad. So, I called the principal and I said
is it okay if I come out there meet with these students and so I could get some
feedback from them? And, I’m giving them opportunity to
select new items to put on the menu that will address, not just the needs of them,
but also the entire district. Because even though this one fourth grader is now
helping us plan a new vegetarian menu for the for the rest of the students. So
for me, that’s fun. That’s what this job is about is getting input
from your customer and then actually implement information. I’m really happy
that we got to have this magical moment where as a vegetarian I could express
myself and I want to thank everybody who is included in this they are some of my
most faithful friends and I could not have done this without them and honestly
it was a team effort. We’re just some kids who wanted to do something to make
this school a better place. It’s kind of crazy because like I was just a kid in a
school with my friends and now there’s this whole vegan and vegetarian thing.
The students seemed to be surprised when I showed up the next day after I receive a letter.
So, but they’re the customers so they’re the customers and we need to take their
feedback serious and the best way to show them that the voice is heard is
that we care about what they think is to show some type of action.