come on lay down oh my goodness Amber clearly this video is going to very well Amber settle down lay down can you lay down come on moose lay down good job you want to wrestle though huh hey guys it’s Rae here and I just wanted to say hi I’m outside today it’s been surprisingly sunny and kind of warm here in the northwest so trying to take advantage of it um just thought I’d give you guys an update on fitness and health I’m doing fairly good with the exercising and I just did another hundred flights of stairs and then amber and I went into some hills as well um cuz there’s so many hills around there it’s like the hilliest part in the entire city I guess um yeah that’s pretty accurate so yeah we did that and it’s like the warmest day that we’ve done that on so I was like my feet were sweating it was so hot um even though it’s like in the 70s but anyway um so yeah it’s going good I feel like still confident in it um I’ve been looking at gyms cuz I really want to take like some yoga classes I’ve been looking at Krav Maga classes which I mean those are legit like you pretty much learn how to physically harm people um which is not funny but um as someone who has been physically harmed in the past um I kind of like the idea of becoming a badass like that can kick some butt so yeah I’m looking at that excited about that I’m drinking my new favorite smoothie which is so freakin delicious it’s frozen bananas raw cacao powder and maple butter it is so good and yes I am outside today so I apologize for the sounds of the cars and the birds are hopefully pleasant and Amber is right next to me like panting and trying to get my attention so yeah um yeah I was really funny so today I’m doing my masters in nutrition and I was doing some research for a paper today and I read this article that compared the Mediterranean diet versus a plant-based diet and its impact on overall health so I was reading the peer-reviewed research paper and on every account the vegan diet was more nutritious and more beneficial than the Mediterranean diet except for the potential lack of vitamin b12 so which I mean duh so I like kept reading the article because I was like yeah this is awesome and then the conclusion like after all of the research that it it stated and everything was like in conclusion we recommend that a complete balance between a Mediterranean and a vegan diet so like doing Mediterranean / vegan so like I guess that would be a Mediterranean diet but more heavily focused on plants so you’d still eat like the salmon and such but so I guess it was recommended pescatarian maybe so it was like after all of the details of like how good the vegan diet is compared to the Mediterranean diet it was like we recommend a balance between the two because of the lack of nutrition in the vegan diet even though it was like the vegan is more nutritious, vegan diets more nutritious in this area, vegans is better in this area in this area in this area and then it’s like oh but it lacks b12 so I mean you have to balance between the two is better I was just like seriously like you could recommend taking like a b12 supplement since the vegan diet the plant-based vegan diet clearly outweighed the Mediterranean diet but no like you can’t no the supplements not good enough it recommends like a balance between the two which I just laughed at just like seriously story of our lives right anyway um I think I’m gonna go inside or we will do it outside yeah we can bring the yoga mat outside and do some bodyweight exercises we did like 30 minutes of 100 flights stairs in hills but I still want to do arm workout some planks because I can’t use my wrist properly and then probably like crunches that’s probably what all we’re gonna do so yeah anyway I will talk to y’all tomorrow if you liked this video please consider giving us some thumbs up consider subscribing see you later