Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m gonna
show you some exercises to help with Varicose Veins. Let’s get started. So varicose veins
happen when you don’t have good circulation in your legs. So what then happens is everything
kind of pools up in your legs, the blood, and then it makes those veins pop out looking
cord like and puffy and bulging. So if you do exercises, it helps increase the circulation
and kind of work that blood back out of your system. So the first exercises we’re going
to do on the ground so we have gravity to help assist that blood flow to get back in
your system. So lying down on your back, the leg that you want to work, kind of straighten
it out. You can leave this one propped up if you want to. Pull your toes up towards
you to help straighten out your leg. This is just going to be a straight leg raise,
but you’re going to do a hold at the top to help get that blood flow coming back down.
So you’re exercising the muscles and you’re using gravity to help with that blood fo,
flow, flow. So bring it up nice and slow, just to about even with the other side and
hold it there for about 5-10 seconds. And your muscle’s gonna probably start shaking
after 3 or 4 seconds, but if you can, try and hold it there. And then slowly come back
down. So just start off with 10 of those. Coming up nice and slow, holding it there
5-10 seconds, letting that blood flow come back down, working those muscles, and then
slowly coming back down. If 10 becomes easy, then you can work your way up to 15-25. The
next one, just bring both legs up with your knees propped up. And then you’re gonna go
into a bicycle position, movement on your back. So bring both feet up, and then just
do a circular motion like this. Just starting off maybe 30 seconds, that might make you
a little tired. And then you can come down and relax. You want to work your way up to
a minute, even 2 minutes if you can. So again, you’re working those muscles, but you also
have the assistance of gravity to get that blood flow coming back down. You can also,
if the circular motion is a little uncomfortable on your hips, you can just push up and down
almost like a stair stepper in reverse. So just kind of pushing that way. And then come
back down. The next exercises are gonna be standing up. The next exercises are gonna
be calf raises or heel raises. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. If you
have some slight balance issues, make sure you’re holding on to a counter top or a sturdy
chair. But just lift your heels up off the ground and then slowly come back down. So
now you’re working those calf muscles like a pump so they’re being a natural pump to
work that fluid and blood back out of the legs. So just up, whoo that’s why you need
something to hold on to. Up and slowly back down. Just start off with 10 of these and
then work your way up to 20-25. That last one is gonna be a squat. So still keeping
your feet about shoulder width apart, you want to keep your heels down on the ground,
and then push your bottom back as you squat down. So you want to keep those knees behind
the toes. So not going down like this, but really sticking the bottom back. Only go down
as far as you’re comfortable. Again if you feel like you have some balance issues, put
a chair behind you so if you feel like you’re falling, you can just sit down in the chair.
So nice and slow coming down. And then coming back up. So again, just start off with about
10 of these. That’s working those muscles to pump that fluid back up. And then come
down and slowly back up. So there you have it, if you have any questions, leave them
in the comments section. If you’d like to check out some other videos, go to AskDoctorJo.com
And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.