Welcome to the upper-body workout today. We’re going to be emphasizing arms and back Let’s get started our warm up is going to be arm rotations If you need more of a warm-up pause the video get that in but we’re gonna jump right into the video after this Our first move of the day is a raise to a fly abs are engaged your back is flat You raise your hand in front of you and then raise to the side if you have weights do the variation on the right Let’s go This is a wonderful exercise for toning your back muscles for working your arms and your shoulders You cannot go wrong with this in your routine Make sure your back is flat your abs are engaged and there’s a slight bend in your knee Very good control your arms. This is not about speed. This is 150 percent control You’re doing great Give me a couple more When you fly your arms to the side think of your back muscles mind muscle connection baby arm circle March You’re going to suck your abs in your arms are to the side you’re making big circles and you’re raising your knee To just around your waist area You got it. Let’s go This is an awesome movement where your arms and your shoulders Get tank-top ready? It’s also great for your heart and your overall health You’re doing good just a few more seconds and we can go into the next movement I like it. We’re gonna get your heart rate up with jump ropes. You’re going to tuck your abs in pretend You’re holding a jump rope and just clear the floor. You don’t have to jump very high As long as your toes leave the floor it counts. Let’s go If you’re trying to get your arms and your back to look nice and toned it’s also important to make sure your heart is healthy That’s one of the main reasons we need to do these types of exercises you are doing good You’re almost there almost there Perfect we’re going to tricep extensions You’re going to hold your your hands together behind your head and just raise above your head once you have a rhythm add Your legs in for a gentle March and if you have weights, hold your weights throughout the movement Let’s go As you do this think about the muscles at the back of your arm that area that likes to jiggle the bat wing area bingo wing area arm flab area Think of that area and really focus there because that’s the muscle that should be doing the work of raising your wrists above your head Tuck your abs in you’re doing awesome after this you have one move and you get a break imagine that Alright I want you to get on the floor and give me a reverse plank you want your wrists to be directly underneath your shoulders and you’re going to try to keep a straight line from your head all the Way to your heel if you can stay in place Your booty is going to want to go to the mat you must resist tuck your abs in good Do your best to hold still it is impossible for me to stay still I struggle you might be struggling but we’re struggling together almost at the break hold it you can do it you Hundred-percent can do it you are doing it you are doing it. Oh, yes, you just did that you did that Take your full minute to rest. I’ll come back after the break just In case you’re new here my name is Cola just like coca-cola and I am Married, and I have a son and we live in Indiana and we have a dog a Jack Russell terrier I’m a personal trainer and and Also certified in nutrition. Whoo. I don’t know why I’m telling you all this I guess what I’m trying to say is if you’re loving my workouts that makes me really happy because I want you to be happy I’m here to see you win And I want to personally invite you over to my website. Cocoa fitness calm Where I have planned your whole year of workouts for you So you never have to think ever again about what to do. I have workouts for the intermediate beginner and advanced level So you pick your level and do your workout every day? No thinking required coupon code provided below and There’s a lot of stuff. I can’t fit into this break period so just come over do the try It’s free to try and let’s let’s just I think that’s what I want to say. I think yeah Welcome back we are going straight into tricep dips You want you? to be roughly underneath your elbows and you just touch your booties to the floor and get back up if you want more of a Burn grab a chair grab a bench and do the variation on the right. Let’s go Very good, you don’t want to sit down. You just want your booty to graze the mat and then you go back up The back of your arms are going to be burning But it’s okay because you got this Just make sure you’re moving when that timer ends That was good we’re going to do Sphinx bushes next you’re just going to flip over keep your your thighs on the mat and just Extend your arms to raise your chest This works your lower back But it also works your arms and your shoulders since they are pushing your upper body into that Sphinx position Okay, good now your ghost going to still roughly in that position step one leg at a time Bring that knee toward your elbow and step it back out. That’s all you have to do Make sure your abs are sucked in and engage throughout this movement and go at your own pace Very good You are doing amazing suck your abs in very good You’re doing so amazing, okay, you’re going to drop that down to the mat and Raise your chest off the mat Look to the left Put your head down and then look to the right If you cannot do the variation on the left just do regular Superman, which is the variation on the right Very good This is working your back muscles very very important It’s also very awkward, but we’re doing it together we are awkward together Now we have W extensions You’re going to raise your chest off the mat and just pull to the side and squeeze your back muscles as you do this Your chest is raised off of the mat the whole time Very good Make that mind-muscle connection always be thinking about your back muscles as you do this good This is your last move and you are done with this workout Yes Gently and slowly just roll up. Take your time. There is no rush here. I want you to go in slow motion Let your head hang down like it’s a weight and just Rotate your neck. Whoa, you work today put a slight bend in your knee. Give yourself a huge hug you are Amazing. I Want you to remind you of that always always remember that you are amazing. I love you Thank you so much for working out with me today Subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already and I will see you in my next workout video