There’s a really really really big difference between working out for your health and working out for your body image To be willing to find the light though You have to be willing to believe in yourself and to believe in your story and to believe that there’s more that we’re going through And that what you’re going through is going to bring you Further into who you’re supposed to be and your calling and find the good in it Hey guys, welcome back to my channel a fifth-year first time here My name is Kristie Sita and I post videos every Wednesday and Fridays So today I posted a poll on my Instagram Which if you don’t follow me there make sure you go do that because I do this quite often when I ask you guys what You want to hear on this channel? So head over to – um, follow me but I posted on here a question asking what you guys wanted me to chat about so just felt like We’ve been doing a lot of activities and I just kind of wanted to sit down and chat with you about some things I’ve been realizing lately. So today I also made a post about Kind of the transition of why I work out and what the healthiest mindset is to have in the gym and why you go to The gym in the first place and there’s a huge difference Between these two concepts as working out for your appearance and working out for your health and so there’s a really really really big difference guys between working out for your health and working out for your body image and Who’s defining that body image? Is it for you? Is it for a personal goal or is it for what other people are going to think around you and I think it’s a really? Important step in our fitness journey to detect why you’re doing it and get your mind on the right track So I want to start with a little bit of my story growing up. I fell in love with fitness I didn’t only fall in love with The progression from studio to the gym and the athletic ability and the endurance and the strength that came from it I mainly fell in love with the body image I mainly fell in love with what other people would say about my body and the compliments I would get on my strength and the compliments I would get on my muscles and all of those things that became My main drive which I know is why I was never satisfied in the gym I was overworking myself all the time and is unhealthy matter because it ended up not being for me So when it wasn’t for me, I didn’t even see the progression. I didn’t even see the results I was just so hungry to please other people and the people around me that Was completely oblivious to what my body actually looked like and I spent years like that I spent years of having this acceptance goal of fitness of the it being for the other people not actually realizing why I was in there in the first place and what the capacity of Fitness has to do to your health because it’s so much more than just Working out with so much more than lifting weight to be building a healthy and sustainable Lifestyle because working out for other people isn’t sustainable and you’re never gonna be fully happy You’re fully confident when your opinions of yourself and your worth of yourself is based off what other people think Because that’s just not okay you cannot let other people define you and you can’t let other people’s thoughts define your body image and have that be your Ambition because you’re never gonna be good enough, you’re never gonna match up to what people think and what they want from you So if you’re going from that place, it’s not Leading you to success. It’s not leading you to a healthy life. And so Personally when I kind of made this switch it was when I was also going through a really rough time and I really noticed that my body was my revenge like it was a hundred percent of my ambition was To make someone feel worse because I looked better and that is so wrong guys It is so wrong, but I know I’m not the only one that suffers with that I know whenever we go through a breakup or whenever we go through a hard season ever we lose somebody It’s always about you know, the whole revenge body It’s a real thing we all do it and I just want to encourage you guys to Detect and take advantage of the time in the gym because that’s not taking advantage of it Because honestly for me it’s taken a long time. It has not been an easy road but There’s a transition to make there. You need to realize that going to the gym is For you, it’s for your growth. It’s for your mental health is for your physical health is for your health It’s not for anybody else It doesn’t matter to anybody else if you’re going in there with the ambition to do it for somebody else You’re already in the wrong place So we need to get in the habit guys of just taking the gym for our me time like How can you say at the end of the day that you didn’t do something for yourself that you didn’t progress that you didn’t get? Stronger if you’re taking that time for yourself saying no no matter how busy my day was no matter how crappy my day was I took that hour for myself and I Dedicated that hour to my own growth, especially guys when we’re in athletic fields There’s a lot of ways when we don’t see our progress There’s a lot of ways where we get stuck in this rut of feeling like we’re not progressing We’re not growing but the truth is if you’re training and if you’re in class and if you’re in the gym How can you not be progressing and for me the gym results? I felt a lot quicker than dance and I think that was a big piece of why I gravitated towards it, too Was I felt like I was getting stronger. I felt like I was growing I felt like I was getting better Consistently all the time. I felt my endurance getting better and it was just this really crazy contrast and realization that it’s like whoa Like there is no boundaries for it in this place like it I think for me it’s definitely a place that I realize that anything is possible. Like there’s no disability. There’s no disadvantage There’s nothing that’s too big for me to hold me back from getting to these goals and getting to these dreams. And so You know, the gym is really my playground for that of being like I am capable I’m worthy like this is for me I’m not doing this for anybody else. I’m pushing myself because I want to get better I’m pushing myself because I want to grow and I think when you can successfully make that transition you see everything so much clearer Because if you’re doing it for yourself You you have this space to let that mentally digest and realize that you are working so hard If you’re even getting to the gym like that’s a huge step guys do not underestimate those little pieces of your journey because they’re also Relevant, and you just I just really I don’t know if this is coming across clear guys But don’t do it for other people do it for yourself and you’re gonna feel so much better It’s gonna open up a whole nother door and a whole nother Feeling in the gym is when you just take that hour like work on yourself develop yourself Mentally push yourself physically push yourself set big goals, you know Like make that a place to be like I am capable Because you are all of you guys aren’t so capable of reaching those goals And I just want to encourage you especially coming up to summer here when a lot of us We talk about summer bodies and we talk about you know, all these things that’s again based off what other people think about us but do it for yourself do it for you do it so you can feel confident in a bikini do it so you can feel Confident around people knowing that you’re putting in the work because guys if you’re putting in the work, I can’t stress this enough it’s gonna take time but You’re gonna get better. You’re gonna progress you’re gonna be more confident You’re gonna go into this with a whole nother mindset and if you’re saying hey Kristie you worked hard today You went to the gym, you push yourself. You are capable. You are strong you are worthy then I know that I’ve done my part. I know that I’ve worked hard. I know that I’ve worked for this goal I don’t want it to be too confusing but guys I just I really really really really want to encourage you that take that time for you. Take it back Don’t let anybody take that time away from you Don’t let anybody else be your Drive in the gym because you are the only one that’s gonna make those change you’re the only one that’s gonna sustain that change and make it healthy and Just learn to fall in love with that time I think that’s how I stay motivated to is because I know how hard I can get on myself if I don’t take that time So for me, it’s just holding myself accountable. It’s knowing that every single day I’m doing something to move forward to move in a good direction and in my health physique and Mentality and my mental space like it’s so so so important. This is something that I’m continuously going through I think it’s a journey for all of us. I don’t think it ever becomes super super easy. I think I’m constantly reminding myself why I’m there in the first place and keeping that fresh every single day as to being like no because our Instincts is telling us to do it for everybody else. But inside we need to be doing it for ourselves So I just want to encourage you and if you guys are in a space also I don’t always like to advertise this but you guys are in a space where you’re ready to take on that mindset But you think you need a coach to help you but I do do one-on-one coaching So this is all online It can be for anybody anywhere around the world If you guys are interested in that you can email me or you can just apply right now because there’s very very very limited space Left and it’s a really selective roster because I just love these girls so much and I’m really invested in them And so if that’s you and if you want to try it apply down below. I’ll leave the link And yeah, I’d love to hear from you guys I pretty much just ask you a lot about what your goals are and and what your past is and kind of what your focus And and how I can help you because I really want to make sure that we are a good match to it’s not just based Off your killer application. It’s based off if we’re compatible with each other so if that’s something you’re interested in make sure you guys apply right now because I don’t take on much so apply and Let’s do this together. I love you guys so much. Thank you for tuning in today If you liked these chatty videos Make sure you comment down below and give me some other topics because I love just chatting with you guys. The edits aren’t perfect It’s not the same as some of my other production level videos, but you know Sometimes we’re just going to get real and just chat So comment down below some topics that you guys want to hear next. And yeah, I love you guys so much Thanks for all your support, and I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad we get to do this together, and I love you Bye I’ll see you guys in my next video